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Steve Lukather – All’s Well That Ends Well

Released by Mascot Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Rock


Line Up:

Steve Lukather: Vocals, Guitars

Eric Valentine: Drums

Lenny Castro: Percussion

Carlitos Del Puerto: Bass

CJ Vanston, Steve Weingart: Keyboards, Effects


1. Darkness In My World

2. On My Way Home

3. Can’t Look Back

4. Don’t Say It’s Over

5. Flash In The Pan

6. Watching The World

7. You’ll Remember

8. Brodie’s

9. Tumescent

Certaintly like anyone in the music business can attest to, making music that is deep, honest and straight from your soul can be quite challenging. This is the new direction that the writing has taken the new Steve Lukather solo album “All’s Well That Ends Well”. With a varied amount of styles and moods Luke returns to the scene with both class and a message behind his music, ringing a bare hands triumphant explosion in both he guitars and it’s writing.

From his legendary career with Toto, or his excellent session work from before he broke into the scene, Luke has always managed to write good tunes. There is just something to be said about using these candor moments in your music for the world to hear. Lukather is no stranger to success and misfortunes,  there is no secret that Steve has borrowed from his life experiences in the last few years to guide his new record.

I really enjoyed Steve’s past solo efforts so I was hoping to find some good stuff on this one and I wasn’t disappointed. The strong moody opener of “Darkness In My World” opens up a lengthy beginner track as it sucks in some very AOR keys to hold the song close throughout. The funky bass in “On My Way  Home” brings back flashes of some old school Steely Dan tunes with it’s rock/jazz fusion ambiance rhythms. Some great soaring vocals topple the track “Don’t Say It’s Over” with some more intricate guitar chords. The surprising jazzy focus of “You’ll Remember” slices by with am emphasis on a number of styles both jazz/rock with some classic melodic rock.

Is the little subtleties that make a difference on this very well produced record from Lukather. The hindering guitar playing, to the conscientious writing all the way to the balance formula that each instrument declares. This project sees a more mature Luke molding a past with the present in all aspects of his music to create an updated rock journey. The production is quite crisp and crystal and along with some major contributions in the songwriting from his long time partner CJ Vanston (Co Writer), the record sound as polished as any of Steve’s past solo efforts.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   7/10

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