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Rob Halford – Made Of Metal

Released by Metal God Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Heavy Metal



Line Up:

Rob Halford – Vocals

Roy Z – Guitars

Metal Mike Chlasciak – Guitars

Mike Davis – Bass

Bobby Jarzombek – Drums


1. ‘Undisputed’

2. ‘Fire and Ice’

3. ‘Made Of Metal’

4. ‘Speed Of Sound’

5. ‘Like There’s No Tomorrow’

6. ‘Till The Day I Day’

7. ‘We Own The Night’

8. ‘Heartless’

9. ‘Hell Razor’

10. ‘Thunder and Lightning’

11. ‘Twenty-Five Years’

12. ‘Matador’

13. ‘I Know We Stand A Chance’

14. ‘The Mower’

So many things so many ways to describe the Metal God Rob Halford right? I mean the man is an inspiration to legions of musicians and ans worldwide. What his contributions in to the metal world have proven are unquestioned. His voice is uncanny, his reputation for live performances are absolute and of course there is that whole other band we simply know as Judas Priest and what they have meant for metal for years and years.

Rob Halford’s voice can pierce a nail through solid metal and still re in your spine like an evil shriek from beyond. As one of my all time favorite singers I do have a soft spot when it comes to the man and his music.  No matter how long or how the quality of material has detracted through the years, his voice is still damn good for a guy pushing 60.

His new record marks his first solo stuff since “Crucible” was released in 2002, almost 8 years ago.  “Made Of Metal” has Halford still spitting fire and brimstone some 30 years after his career took off with Priest. He receives some help though from the brutal drums of Bobby Jarzombek and the deafening guitars of Roy Z.

Rob wastes no time as the opener track “Undisputed” unleashed some traditional speed metal stuff and as an opener track fits in very nice.  The NWOBHM influenced “Fire and Ice” is a kick ass track that will break some spines after some serious headbanging. While the tune “Speed Of Sound” is not “The Sentinel” of the “Defenders Of The Faith” record, it does a pretty damn good job of imitating it with it’s sick guitar rhythms. Another ferocious track “Like There’s No Tomorrow” brings memories of some older stuff from Rob Rock, who by the way Roy Z has worked in the past with.

Final impressions are mixed of course, some good stuff and some let downs when it comes to lesser heavier tunes as opposed to the scorching metal everybody wants to expect. And to anybody who has folloed Rob you will notice he does not belt any banshee vocal parts and this is why some will not digest this record so well.  But overall is solid steel album from somebody who still demands respect in this industry.  I was never that impressed with the Judas Priest reunion, I just never felt that they could retouched on the old glory days. But with that said I will miss the band as they embark on their final tour as a band in 2011. Rob has stated he will moved on with his solo band and keep on marching forward so future music is possible.

As for Made of Metal is concerned I didn’t think it was nearly as good as Crucible or the excellent Resurrection, but any fan of Rob’s solo stuff can rejoice as the man still has a voice that most young cats in the scene could be envious of. For that reason alone I say check this record out and take it with a grain of salt because we don’t know how much longer he will be around making metal.  One thing is certain of course, Halford has already reserved himself s a spot in the reigns in the Kingdom of Metal when is all is said and done.

“Through boiling clouds of thunder , Blasting bolts of steel

Evils going under deadly wheels.”

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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