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Scott Holt – Kudzu

Release By: Gracetone Entertainment

Release Date: January 11th, 2011

Genre: Blues/Rock



1. Living In Fear

2. Matter Of Time

3. Girl From ’84

4. Outlines

5. Wicked Grip

6. The Fool

7. S&M

8. That Girl

9. What I Want

10. Kudzu (Interlude)

11. Kudzu

Recently I have been longing to listen to more Blues Rock, I mean who couldn’t digest some good southern rock in ya right? Well lucky me recently got some promo from Mr Scott Holt who’s considered and quote “Widely recognized as one of the greatest guitar players of the modern era”. Holt’s style is a mix of modern rock with traditional blues creating an old school feeling of vintage and progressive blues mixed with a transcending cool sound.

Ohh yeah he also spent 10 years touring with the one and only Buddy Guy. Holt met Guy at age 20 and from that point on his fortunes change. Can you imagine there, a chance of a lifetime touring with one of the fathers and pioneers of the Chicago Blues sound, and influencing so many artists through his music career. Holt has been releasing steady music since then, his records titled “Angels In Exile, Chipped Front Tooth, Revelator and From Lettsworth To Legend – A Tribute To Buddy Guy” have all been critically acclaimed in the Blues Rock category. His guitar playing is unquestioned, and resonate in your soul with a thunderous roar. The nice thing about Holt’s sound is that is not your typically wails and spares blues sound of old, but rather he features an updated style that is far more accessible to the casual listener.

Scott comes back with his new stuff titled “Kudzu”, strange title but really is not, as Holt explains “these songs are stories, and stories are everywhere”. The music featured here starts glaring gracefully with the opener “Living In Fear”, following an almost a boogie vibe ala Dire Straits on the back end. More traditional blues come out beaming on “Wicked Grip”, with a cheeky guitar solo throughout. The amazing shred buildup in “The Fool” plays like the masterpiece of this great blues record, with a superb job on guitars here by Holt as he gleams and builds momentum to a peak. The upbeat boogie down chorus on “What I Want” is memorable, the writing behind it regenerates what Holt and this record is all about, the stories within each song.

The ending creation here is a culmination of great traditional blues rock with a tinge of update modern rock, but it all sounds so polished together that eventually what really does it for me is the broad range of styles backed by the blues. Not only is Mr Holt a great guitar player but he has a pretty solid voice as a blues man. A really witty and well produced record that has a nice message in between its liner notes. If you’re a fan of more modern Blues Rock I would have no problem recommending this. Good Stuff!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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