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Eight Of Spades – Driven By Hate

Released By : Pervade Productions

Genre : Dirty Punk Rock, Hardcore

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1. March Of The Lamb

2. Revolt

3. Come With Me

4. Destroy

5. Ride

6. Take It

7. Survive

8. Driven By Hate

9. Hey You

10. High Speed Rock ‘n’ Roll

11. Eight Of Spades

Don’t stress too much of you saw the name EIGHT OF SPADES and didn’t recognize it. I didn’t either and up until the other day didn’t even know they existed, but after listening to the album a few times I’m pretty sure I won’t forget them in a hurry. The interesting aspect of EIGHT OF SPADES is surely the fact they are an English speaking/singing speedy, dirty punk rock band the call France home. Maybe you guys can think of another band like this from France of the top of your head but I surely can’t.

All things aside though, the fact is that this album pretty much rocks and would be a great driving companion as long as you had the willpower to not constantly speed up like these guys seem to. The best way I can describe what I hear on their new album DRIVEN BY HATE is a sort of combination of MOTORHEAD and RANCID, but also including gang vocal choruses and a vocalist that at times could almost pass as a thrash metal singer. I also hear elements of hardcore music throughout the album, but not in the modern sense, more like the hardcore movement of the late eighties that was almost wholly inspired by punk rock in the first place.

REVOLT, DESTROY, SURVIVE and DRIVEN BY HATE are all highlights and all share a similar message that draws inspiration from the punk and hardcore handbook about stickin’ it to the man and being your own person. The thrashier elements are probably not quite heavy enough the interest the metal community, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t at least give this one a fair go. I will also recommend the album to fans of THE HELLACOPTERS as there is a slightly similar punk ‘n’ roll vibe going on here.

I’m sure that natives of France have found many a good band to follow, but there is actually quite a small amount of those bands that really have anything to offer for people across the pond, but EIGHT OF SPADES offer something a little different which has a pretty wide crossover appeal and should find the band a decent fan base.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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