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Last Autumn’s Dream – Yes

Released by GMR Music Group

Release Date: January 21st, 2011

Genre: AOR/Melodic Rock


Line Up:

Mikael Erlandsson – Vocals and keyboards

Andy Malecek – Guitar

Jamie Borger ? Drums

Nalle Påhlsson ? Bass


01. I’ve Fallen Into You

02. The Sound Of A Heartbreak

03. Another Night

04. Fool’s Game

05. If I Could Change The World

06. To Be With You

07. Michelle Don’t Live Here No More

08. In This Thing Too Deep

09. Still Standin’ Where Ya Left Me

10. Kissin’ Goodbye My Tears

11. Survivor

12. I Forgive You (Japan bonus track)

13. Alive

Wow already another album from Last Autumn’s Dream? Really? The Swedish AOR supergroup consisting of Mikael Erlandsson on vocals, Andy Malecek (FairWarning) on guitars, Jamie Borger (Talisman, Treat) on drums and Nalle Påhlsson (Treat, Zan Clan, Vindictiv, Therion) on bass. “Yes” is the eight studio album and will be released on January 21st, 2011.

It seems like yesterday when the band released the highly acclaimed “Touch Of Heaven” marking already an impressive 7th studio albums then. As you read earlier this crew of melodic rockers can dish out a catchy tune or two and their new record continues on where the last one left off.  Erlandsson has been in the AOR scene for a while now and has been featured on countless guest vocals projects, most notably for Tommy Denander in “Radioactive”, “Northern Light” and “Heartbreak Radio”. The rest of the line up is also well respected in the music circles.

The opening two tracks are classic melodic rockers but as the hit list moves down you get to “Another Night” a slower AOR number that carelessly hits the soft ballad spot. If there was a letdown in some of the song picking here, it has to be the cover of Michael Bolton’s “Fool’s Game”, yes you heard it right. Never been a fan of his never will and just don’t think this cover tune fits well here.  But things take a turn for the best on “To Be With You” which features the band’s staple melodic rock trend which reminds of recent material from Unruly Child and here Erlandsson sounds like he was singing in the band TNT.

Wishful thinking tells me this band is going to be around a while, and with the amount of material they have released in such a short time, I wonder if the style will change a bit on future material? Well if you’re an AOR fan you will find no wrong as there a few good tunes here and a couple of duds. But overall the golden voice of Edlandsson is top notch, and the musicianship from the mates is as resourceful as any of the band’s previous efforts. For any fans of the band is a must to check out. For original distinctive material I would pass on it now as it didn’t impress enough to cross the top notch category.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   7/10

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