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Seamount – III: Sacrifice

Released By : The Church Within Records

Genre : Traditional Doom Metal, Hard Rock

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1. The Ancient

2. Ocean, I Will Call You

3. The Mountain Will Know My Name

4. Standing In The Rain

5. 40,000 Fathoms

6. Stardust

7. Gettin’ Through

8. Sacrifice

9. Path To Legend

10. Only Death Shall Do Us Part

Of all of the metal and doom bands around these days that site BLACK SABBATH as a major influence, SEAMOUNT may well just be the ones who show it the most. Maybe it’s the droning riffs, maybe it’s the subject matter of the lyrics or maybe it’s the fact that vocalist and all around doom metal genius Phil Swanson can really sound a heap like olden day Ozzy Osbourne when he wants to. It’s probably a combination of all of these things I guess, and together it really works wonders and this third album under the SEAMOUNT moniker is pretty much an essential purchase fro any serious doom metal fan.

For those that recognize the name Phil Swanson you would be forgiven for thinking that he surely couldn’t have released another gem due to the fact that he is in charge of at least four full-time bands at the moment, but rest assured this one of the finest things he has ever been involved with and truly feels like a lovingly crafted tribute to all things traditional doom metal.  Song wise, there isn’t a single one that made me want to press skip, and most of them hid a mid-pace that keeps them from droning out for too long.

THE ANCIENT, PATH TO LEGEND, STANDING IN THE RAIN and STARDUST are the real highlights and easily among the best doom metal tunes of the year, but as I said every track is a winner and this is definitely an album you want to buy as a full product rather than picking out individual songs. As I’m sure most traditional doom metal would agree, to get a full album of good songs in this genre these days is something quite rare, and the fact that it doesn’t once drag on or get boring means there should be a certain amount of crossover appeal too.

Phil Swanson has managed to release another gem of an album, and one that may well be a landmark title for the genre in years to come. Sure it’s early days yet, but I have a feeling that Swanson has been building toward this for a while now and if he has any improvement left in him whatsoever the next SEAMOUNT album will be so good it will make your ears bleed.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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