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Fair Warning – Talking Ain’t Enough Fair Warning Live in Tokyo DVD

Released by SPV Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock

Links: http://www.fair-warning.de/

Line Up:

Tommy Heart – Vocals

Helge Engelke – Guitar

Ule W. Ritgen – Bass

Niklas Turmann – Guitar

CC Behrens – Drums

Torsten Luederwaldt – Keyboards

Henny Wolter – Guitar


DVD 1 – Loudpark 2009:

01. Intro

02. Angels Of Heaven

03. Save Me

04. Generation Jedi

05. Out On The Run

06. Here Comes The Heartache

07. Long Gone

08. Longing For Love

09. I Fight

10. Don’t Give Up

11. Burning Heart

12. Get A Little Closer

13. When Love Fails

DVD 2 – Tokyo January 2010:

01. Intro

02. Out On The Run

03. Here Comes The Heartache

04. Save Me

05. Angels Of Heaven

06. Don’t Give Up

07. Generation Jedi

08. Dont Keep Me Waiting

09. The Last Goodbye

10 .Falling Reprise

11. Long Gone

12. Hey Girl

13. Walking On Smiles

14 .I’ll Be There

15. Longing For Love

16. I Fight

17. Still I Believe

18. Burning Heart

19. Get A Little Closer

20. When Love Fails

21. Fighting For Your Love

I had been trying to for a long time to get my hand’s on the new Fair Warning DVD concert that was released recently by SPV Records, and finally the chance came and got the package and was not a tad bit dissatisfied. Who is Fair Warning? For the seemingly casual fan you may get the name of the band confused with Fates Warning, the great progressive metal band. The inconspicuous truth is that these Germans have been around since the early 90’s when they debuted with their self title album. Since then the group lead by charismatic vocalist Tommy Heart, have been steadily releasing some nice melodic records with plenty of catchy material to make a grown man salivate out loud.

Of course with success comes turmoil and the bands split that happened a few years back turned into a 5 year hiatus from the scene until they eventually reunited again and came back with the very well received “Brother’s Keeper” released by Frontiers Records. The band followed their success of BK 3 years later with “Aura” another solid release.

I have to admit that I had never heard any live material from the band and was extremely curious to hear the group kick it live. One of the strong point of the band has always been their energetic live performances which I had read online and in magazines, now I get a chance to judge for myself.

Fair Warning Talking Ain’t Enough was recorded in Tokyo, Japan in 2 different instances; one set was filmed at Loudpark October 18th, 2009 and the other in Wel City, Tokyo on January 22nd, 2010. I know what you may be wondering already, yes why another band filming their live performance in Japan right? Believe is fine I constantly ask myself the same question, and not to embarrass any fans in other parts of the world but the truth about Japan is that is such a unique country enriched with so many musical cultures and “Rock” happens to be one of the musical genres the Japanese adore and are extremely loyal to. That and is the 2nd biggest music market in the world behind the USA. Need more reasons? Good.

So once the setting was set for the performance, the unquestioned rabid fans of the band kicked it into gear with the bands signature intro weaving way into the super enticing melodies of “Angels Of Heaven”. As you noticed on the 2 disc edition DVD, some of the same songs were performed twice on both menus, so tunes like “Save Me”, “Generation Jedi” and “Burning Heart” appear a bit repetitive, but the band’s great stage presence makes you want to listen to these songs again.

A little old school nod goes to the kick ass chops of “Out On The Run” with a nice flair of excitement as the band tears through the song with skill and tenacity. I have to say Tommy Heart sounds great hitting some notes that leave no doubt in your mind that he’s a top notch vocalist. How about the frivolous guitar solos provided in part by Helge Engelke who shreds with precision throughout, mighty good stuff. Throw in the crazy antics of kilted wearing drummer C.C. Behrens and you have a fun formula for excitement.

The only thing I could knock some points for is that the DVD is a little thin on the special features, only offering an 11 minute private material of band members and friends. Other then that is all good and make no mistake this set is all about the bands onstage performance which they manage to distribute with plenty of showmanship. A nice addition to any fans of the band and even if you have not heard any material from them before, is a good compilation of 178 minutes of live music that encompasses their back catalog along with newer stuff.  Very highly recommended!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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