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7 Weeks – All Channels Off

Released By : F2M Planet

Genre : Stoner Rock/Alt. Rock

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1. All Channels Off

2. Loaded (Burnt)

3. Submarine

4. Dust And Rush

5. Crash

6. Dead Loss

7. The Wait

8. On The Run

9. Whisper (And Dig In The Ground)

10. 600 Miles

I think over the space of the last two months or so I’ve listened to more French bands than I had previously listened to in the rest of my life. Admittedly none of these have been major label acts and the varying degree of quality of said bands has left me a little hesitant about listening to any more music from France.

So, to say I approached this new album from Frenchies 7 WEEKS with some trepidation would be a vast understatement. It is unfortunate when going in to a review to have these feelings as I seem to be extra harsh on any slight shortcomings and not as easily impressed as I usually am. Whether this is a fair way to do things or not doesn’t really matter, that’s just how it is let’s get on with it.

The angle that 7 WEEKS are going for on this new album ALL CHANNELS OFF sounds to me to be a mix between the typical slow grooves of stoner rock and desert rock, mixed with the simplicity of a more grungier, alt. rock sound. Now, they actually pull this off quite well but the basic fact is that it’s all just a bit too boring and none of the songs really seem to get going.  ALL CHANNELS OFF, DUST & RUSH and CRASH all have plenty to offer the less fussy grunge and alt. rock fans, but the album really tapers off after these tunes and 10 songs in a row with a similar speed and vibe is a bit too long.

For those that scream for the heyday when bands like NIRVANA, SOUNDGARDEN and PEARL JAM shared the airwaves with guys like KYUSS, CLUTCH and JANES ADDICTION I suggest checking out the new 7 WEEKS album as there is influences from each of the above-mentioned bands to found within. However, for those of you that threw out your flannel shirts at the beginning of the millennium there’s really not a whole lot that this album can offer you. 7 WEEKS seem comfortable enough in their own skin and as I previously mentioned, everything here is done very well, but I just don’t see a major market for them out of the homeland.

Written By : ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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