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Minority Sound – Analysis

Released By : Metalgate Records

Genre : Industrial Metal, Electronic Metal

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1. Cyberkitty

2. Emergency Truth

3. Analyzing The Forbidden

4. Matter Alive

5. Paradox

6. Unreality

7. Save Your Words

8. Primary Slave : Secondary Master

9. Never Enough

It’s funny how something that is based around futuristic imagery can actually sound somewhat retro and dated, but that is how I felt after listening to ANALYSIS, the new album from Czech Republic industrial metallers MINORITY SOUND. The style they play is based in electronic sounding industrial metal that recalls the days where bands like FEAR FACTORY, STATIC X and POWERMAN 5000 where champions of the metal world. That wasn’t all that long ago really, but the metal landscape changes very quickly and it’s fair to say that this type of metal is now quite unfashionable and only serves a niche market.

But that doesn’t mean the album isn’t an enjoyable half-hour, because it actually is, and if, like me you were into this type of music at some stage it’s a very nostalgic feeling and truly one of the better examples of this style of music I have heard in a while. The only major difference, and it’s one that it hard to look past is the fact that everything here seems a little too nice for a metal album. What I mean by that is in places it almost feels like you’re listening to dance club music and the metal element gets a little lost in the background. The electronics are all done quite well, but the overall product lacks a bit of edge and backbone.

Clearly the electronic elements are the main thing that MINORY SOUND have going for them to separate them from the pack, so suggesting to eliminate them all together is probably a bit silly. What I will say however, is that the electronic parts need to be either toned down a little, or of not at least dirtied up a bit so they don’t sound quite as dance-ish and techno-ish. I’m not a fan of techno music at all, and don’t know very much about the scene, but it feels to me like this band may be a little more suited to that scene than the metal scene as I feel it will be hard for metalheads to be open minded enough to really embrace this album.

Maybe fans of borderline electro metal acts like MINISTRY and SKINNY PUPPY have a better chance of really getting in to it, but then again, maybe old fans of the industrial metal movement of the late nineties like myself will find at least a little bit of joy in the overall feel of the album. Hats off to any band that can manage to sound futuristic and retro all at the same time though.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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