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Torn Asunder – The Catacomb Silence

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Hardcore, Crossover Metal

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1. Storm Over Barren Fields

2. The Catacomb Silence

3. Unheard

4. Trapped

5. It Ends Here

6. Last Goodbye

7. No Longer

8. Days Drift Away

9. Hold Me Now

For those that aren’t yet aware, here’s a little update for you….. The hardcore/metalcore movement is absolutely exploding in Australia right now. I mean it seems like nearly every day I hear about another band playing this style around my homeland. This is a good thing and a bad thing all at the same time. The bad part is that it has taken such a strong hold that nearly every other style of metal has really been ignored over here and just about every new metal band is of this variety. The good thing about this however, is that is had meant that there are so many bands vying for the spotlight that only the really good ones are actually getting through the cracks.

I mention this because I had a copy of TORN ASUNDER’S earlier E.P and thought that they were just alright but didn’t stand much hope of progressing. But now after hearing their new pet project THE CATACOMB SLIENCE I am reneging on my previous opinion and am willing to state that I think they just might have a bright future ahead.

Most bands that are playing the metalcore card these days are all competing to see who can have the biggest beat downs and the most aggressive vocals, but it’s quite refreshing to hear a band that is hardcore natured but still able to actually express emotion through song and write tunes that have melody.   Maybe that makes them a bit lite-on in the current metal landscape, but surely people want to hear this stuff instead of just another band doing the same old bit.  Not that they are a massive revelation or anything extreme like that, just different enough to demand attention and respect.

If you want to really hear the best the band has to offer look no further than UNHEARD and TRAPPED. Two songs that follow each other on the album and they both really show the variation that TORN ASUNDER has tried to implement.  UNHEARD is probably more the typical hardcore metal of the two and is comparable to the best work of someone like KILLSWITCH ENGAGE. TRAPPED however shows more skill and variation than most bands in the genre and combines metalcore, modern alt. metal and old-school hardcore but features a stellar vocal performance throughout.

TORN ASUNDER has proved that they deserve to be on the top of the heap as far as Aussie metalcore goes and they certainly have the potential to break out overseas too.  Keep an eye on them, they just might be playing in a town near you sometime in the near future….

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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