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Crushing Blow – Cease Fire

Released by Inferno Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Heavy Metal


Line Up:

Valène De Santis – Vocals

Guillaume – Guitars

Benjamin – Guitars

Gérald – Bass

Laurent – Drums


1. The Wizard’s Tale

2. Redemption

3. Shadow

4. Dreams

5. Cease Fire

6. Rise Your Soul

7. Tears of Heart

8. Memories

9. My Venom

10. The Prophecies

Surprisingly enough I had not heard about Crushing Blow before we received their promo stuff from Inferno Records. This is the five piece metal outfit from France’s  2nd studio album titled “Cease Fire”. The sound is clearly a contortion of sorts between classic heavy metal and some speed metal influences, especially in the guitar rhythms.  The band is fronted by the female vocals of lead singer Valene who as sultry as her image is she actually has a pretty solid voice to support the groove of the music.

If I had to compare the band here in terms of style I would probably lean it a little close to some old school Wasp material. In songs like “Redemption” the thick guitar riff accompanies a stylish solo lead that any old school new wave of British heavy outfit would be proud of.  The melancholy opening intro of “Shadows” marks a memorable spot after the rising pitch voices of Valene compliments the song very well. The guitar duo of Benjamin and Guillaume do a laudable job on most of the songs as each hold the structure together with a tight balance of thrashy and metal sparks galore. The lucid power ballad of “My Venom” churns away the band’s taste for the melodic as this anthem theme stands as one of the best tracks on “Cease Fire”.

I want to say that one band I could definitely associate Crushing Blow with is Desdemon which we reviewed earlier in 2010, with it’s speedier metal shifts but at the same time balancing a melodic approach in each song the same way as the previous mentioned band. Give it up to the French as the label is trying hard to push this New Wave of French Heavy Metal across seas and with other bands in the horizon we look forward to see what else they can suit up. A pretty solid release considering is only the band’s second effort.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys    7/10

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