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Loveblast – Loveblast

Released by Electroworks Music Production

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard-hitting, Ass-kicking Rock n Roll!



Line Up:

Brian Durbin – Lead Guitar; Lead Vox

Danny Clayton – Lead Bass; Lead Back-up Vox

John Craig – Lead Guitar; Lead Back-up Vox

Mike Prost – Lead Drums; Lead Back-up Vox


1. Harder & Faster

2. Headspin

3. Got a Feelin’

4. Far Too Long

5. Lonely Winter

6. Things That Bite

7. Give It All

8. Out For Blood

9. Shoot You With My Love

10. Goodbye My Darling

11. Hungry

It is 1990 and I am just a young kid watching MTV and SUPER CHANNEL all day long and in particular the MTV US TOP 20 VIDEO COUNTDOWN as presented by Dutch hairdo ADAM CURRY on Saturday morning. I was a sucker for bands like SLAUGHTER, FIREHOUSE, WINGER, WARRANT, DAMN YANKEES, NELSON, etc. etc. and in fact that syndrome never went away, even during the dark 1990s decade…

Fast forward to 2010 it is cool again to like this kind of music and we have seen so many new young bands playing this genre all over again, big guitar riffs, huge harmonyvocal driven choruses to sing-a-long to and just having a good time! Of course STEEL PANTHER are over-the-top and that might take away a bit of the fun of this classic 80s Melodic Hardrock meets Glamrocksound, as that band is more a parody than a serious band (although they do it very well!).

Anyway, now we have a young band called LOVEBLAST friom the US State of Illinois whom are taking me straight back to the late 80s/early 90s with their infectious Melodic Hardrock meets Glam sound. Their same titled debut CD starts off with a sleazy uptempo melodic heavy rocker a la SKID ROW (“Harder and faster”), but then follow 3 super sugar catchy Melodic Rockers in the style of DANGER DANGER, KNOW ILLUSION, FIREHOUSE and such. “Headspin”, “Got a feelin” and “Far too long” are the kind of fun happy uptempo tunes that remind me of the pre-Grunge era when it was all about catchy choruses and flashy guitarwork.

“Lonely winter” slows things down a bit, because this is midtempo DEF LEPPARDish melodic rock, while the band goes for a heavier approach during the next 3 songs, of which the very fast “Out for blood” is almost pure Melodic US Power Metal a la LEATHERWOLF, so this band definitely has a lot to offer on their debut CD. I should also not forget to mention the Power Ballad “Goodbye my darling” that recalls the true late 80s spirit and I really like the closing track “Hungry” that puts a big smile on your face when you love 80s Hair Metal!

The sound/production is of a very high level and musically speaking everything sounds picture perfect, because the guitarwork is excellent (sometimes even stunning!), vocally it is quite good and all the included songs rock the way we want to hear it!

If it was only still 1990, we would be watching MTV and see a videoclip of the latest single of the band LOVEBLAST on our screen! Take it from me, these guys definitely know their stuff, because what they deliver on their first CD is of a very high level, right up there and sometimes even better than their legendary heroes of the late 80s/early 80s major US labels Mainstream Hair Metal era.

Written by Gabor

Ratings Gabor    9/10

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  1. Best darn cd I have heard in a long time. Gotta hear this eveyday on the way to and from work. Keep up the great music.


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