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Vega – Kiss Of Life

Released by Frontiers Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Rock


Line Up:

Nick Workman: vocals

Tom Martin: guitars

James Martin: keyboards

Dan Chantrey: drums


1. Into The Wild

2. Kiss Of Life

3. One Of A Kind

4. Staring At The Sun

5. Too Young For Wings

6. Another

7. Headlights

8. Hearts Of Glass

9. Stay With Me

10. Wonderland

11. What It Takes

12. SOS

It seems that when Frontiers sets up these project bands to release new material, they usually work pretty damn hard to make sure the writing and production side of things is taken care of with constant professionalism and premiership. The reason I bring this up is because the recently release album from Vega – Kiss of Life, features the twin combo of English songwriters James and Tom Martin as well as fellow drummer friend Dan Chantrey and last but not least the power vocals of one of England’s best voices Nick Workman the former Kick and Eden front man.

The record was produced by John Greatwood(engineer for Tom Lord-Alge of Queen fame) and mastered by Dennis Ward the do it all producer that seems to be involved everything Frontiers does now a days. Why not? I mean the sound quality on this album is terrific and along side some hotshot writing talent from the Martin twins you have yourself a stout collaboration full of harmonies and hooks.

For anyone not familiar with the Martin brothers you may remember they have contributed songwriting on albums for Khymera, House of Lords, Ted Poley, First Signal featuring Harry Hess, the recently frontiers release of Issa and of course the Joe Lynn Turner led project of Sunstorm. Need a bigger resume? I didn’t think so. Finally the brothers get a stab at playing their own stuff as well as writing more great catchy anthems with the robust vocals of Workman and the end result is more then satisfactory.

The first single of the album “Kiss Of Life” was released a while ago before the album officially came out,  as well as the video so an early buzz was generated by that first single. So i have been keeping this one in my player for some time and now finally got down to putting it on paper. The vocals of Nick are obviously a strong point, on songs like “Into The Wild” and “Staring At The Sun” no not the U2 track from years ago. I do have to point out this one  thing for what is worth, I think Workman’s vocals in spots sounds just like Bono very eery but if U2 had ever gone AOR/Melodic Rock maybe this is what they would of sounded like?

The good stuff continues with the crunching lyrics of “Headlights” and “Heart Of Glass” featuring another superb job by Nick and a special kudos to the underlying keyboards by Martin as well. A nice ballad comes your way in “Stay With Me” reminiscent of some Night Ranger stuff from the 80’s. I probably cold of given the album a higher rating if it wasn’t for the less lackluster tracks of “Wonderland” and “What It Takes” these sound like recycled less inspired tracks from their recording sessions.

Kiss of Life is an example of great songwriting supported by the backbone of a great vocalist. Inspirations run deep from the obvious 80’s AOR sounds to more modern rock, the Martin brothers have certainly marked their name in the songwriting business in the genre and now get a chance to complete a full record and contribute their musicianship as well. One of the finest releases of the year from Frontiers and we anxiously await another one. Good Stuff!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys    9/10

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