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Ancient Dome – Perception Of This World

Released By : Punishment 18 Records

Genre : Thrash Metal

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3.When Day Dies

4.A Predominace

5.Perception Of this World

6.Confused Certainty

7.Dream Again

8.Gordian Knot

9.Face The Facts



ACIENT DOME is an Italian thrash metal band that signed with Punishment 18 records in 2009 to release their debut album HUMAN KEY. After gaining some due respect from the thrash metal world, they have been able to release as second album for the label titled PERCEPTION OF THIS WORLD. Their brand of thrash metal is pure old school and pays tribute to bands like METALLICA, TESTAMENT, HEATHEN and especially SLAYER.

I say especially SLAYER because the music is fast and aggressive and there’s even a striking resemblance in the vocals to Tom Araya. Lyrically and stylistically the band are closer to TESTAMENT than anything else and have really get their sound down. The album has some ups and downs and a decent variety of interesting riffing and some really awesome lead breaks. The double kick style drumming is quite unrelenting and only lets up for the odd slower passage here and there. Highlights come in the speedy headbanger PREDOMINACE, The KREATOR-esque CONFUSED CERTAINTY and energetic closing track DEVASTHATE.

Not much else can really be said about old-school thrash metal releases these days, so the simple fact is if you still listen to your old SLAYER, TESTAMENT and METALLICA records often, PERCEPTION OF THIS WORLD is an album that you will for the most part enjoy and is certainly worth seeking out. The people that have dismissed the recent flood of old-school thrash bands will obviously not want anything to do with this album, but that’s fine, let all the people that want to hear this stuff enjoy the album as much as I did.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating 8/10

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