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Infinite Tone – Impossi-Bull

Released By : Burn Records

Genre : Classic Rock / Hard Rock

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2.My Friend Matt


4.Picture Of You


6.Edge Of Time

7.In My Eyes

8.Hypnotized In Heels

9.East Van

10.Requiem Canis (Man’s Best Friend)

Okay, so the fact that this album came out way back on 2008 means I’m a little late with the review, and as rule I generally don’t review anything over twelve months old as a way to try and keep up with the constant smattering of new releases that seem to release almost on a daily basis. But every now and then I find something that is worth backtracking for, and the guys from INFINITE TONE were nice enough to send a copy of the album so why not share it with you guys?

The band consists of only two main guys, vocalist Inno Fabro and guitarist Bruno Di Medio. The rest of the instrumentation on the album is provided by session musicians some of which may join the band in a live setting. I found this quite interesting that they don’t have a steady drummer and bass guitarist as their brand of bar room classic rock is way more suited to a live setting and on the album it really feels like a full band effort.

Obviously with this type of music there aren’t a whole lot of surprises or moments that will make your ears prick up, but INFINITE TONE has taken a simple formula, added a whole of heart and have actually come up with something very worthwhile for anyone that enjoys the simpler side of pure rock music.

Tunes like BURN, EDGE OF TIME and HYPNOTIZED IN HEELS just scream out to be played loud whilst having a game of billiards or darts, but like any rock band worth their salt, INFINITE TONE also know how to write a good lighter-waving ballad to even things out a bit, with IN MY EYES and PICTURE OF YOU being really good quality slow tunes.

I hope I can at the very least send some readers towards INFINITE TONE’S myspace page because I really feel like they are a band that is almost there but just needs some more exposure and some more good gigging opportunities to really flourish. And who knows. With the classic rock market being the strongest it’s been since the eighties there may well be enough room for them to really get in amongst the thick of things.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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