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Space Opera – Safe At Home

Released by: It’

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Rock/Jazz/Prog/Psychedelic



1. Singers and Sailors/Father

2. Journey’s End

3. Fly Away

4. Singers and Sailors

5. Country Max (alt version)

6. Unless I’m Gone

7. Marlow

8. Over and Over (alt version)

9. Psychic Vampire

10. Bells Within Bells

11. Still Life

12. Caledonia

13. Snow Is Falling

14. Play It Rough

15. Squeeze Play

This is one is a first, because I don’t normally review much stuff from the 70’s just simply because we deal with current music, even though I recognize that the past has greatly influence so many bands today. Well I got a copy of the Space Opera cd titled “Safe At Home” which contains rare unreleased recordings from this magic band which blended a mix of rock, folk, jazz and classical influences.

The band was found in the summer of 69 by then teenagers friends David Bullock, Scott Fraser, Phil White and Brett Wilson. Although widely considered then as one of the most underrated acts hailing from the Fort Worth, Texas area the band was able to land on some notable festivals then and headlining their own tour nationwide.

Interesting to note that the sound here peaks 70’s progressive rock and classic rock, the guitar atonement on “Journey’s End” has a pure gripping solo that lights the sky. The trippy synthesizer effects of “Singers and Sailors” definitely experiments into the space and time but notable none the less. The more southern rock influenced classic rock ballad “Country Max” is one of the highlights of this compilation. Shades of King Crimson come roaring back into my mind when I listen to “Still Life” and it’s sublime offering.

Want more proof that this band had something to offer? Just listen to the fusion of jazz and classic rock and tumble on the track “Marlow”, pretty cool stuff considering that these guys we’re alternating in between so many sounds and genres. Sure bands like Cream, The Grateful Dead during those times we’re already experimenting with this technique, but one of the band’s that comes to mind here are The Byrds who’s sound can be closely resembled by Space Opera especially with the synthesizers madness on some of these songs.

Sadly this group could of made it would of but now we won’t ever know, but thanks to compilations like these you can enjoy music from the band’s hey day and a good representation of their work from their active days. Perhaps was far ahead of their time with this style, maybe but once thing is certain, the music here is of high quality enough for me to recommend this obscure band that most people probably haven’t heard of.  Very cool indeed, can you say underrated? Yes…..

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys     8/10

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