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The Hitchers – Tees Valley Deadbeats

Released by Spectra Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Alternative/Punk



Line Up:

Rich – Guitar and vocal

Greg – Bass and vocal

Mikey – Drums and vocal


1. Bop til U Drop!

2. Teesside Graffiti

3. Berwick Hills 90210

4. Shake Ruby UB

5. Rum To Talk To You

6. I Might Never

7. Rum

8. Rotten Baby

9. Weekend

10.Me and London

11.Anti-Protest Song

12.Wasted (And I’m Living Proof)

13.Baby Bought a Shotgun

14.The Chemist

What an interesting and unique style of music the all talented UK punk/Psychobilly band The Hitchers play. Amazingly enough is not a genre I was too familiar with I must say. But these Middlesbrough natives are something of a find for fans of punk rock in general. The band quotes “We’ve been playing our own style of punk rock’n’roll, with the ambition to capture the infectious buzz of punk rock with the fun and style of the 1950s rock ‘n’ roll years.” Under normal circumstances I would pass on title like this, but the music here is took me totally by surprise.

What’s interesting is that I haven’t heard much about this particular genre, honestly I couldn’t possibly understand why. You got a style of music that is a kaleidoscope of musical influences from your typical Americana, Punk and 50’s syle rock. Sounds like a nice formula to me. Anyways the band did receive some critical acclaim from Kerrang magazine and through various international tour invites they end up on the Vans Warped Tour the last 3 years.

The band releases their 2nd studio album in “Tees Valley Deadbeats” and the formula seems to come together even more on this release. If you love some classic 50’s style rock infused into what is alternative punk you’ll loves tracks like “Bop Till U Drop!” and “Shake Ruby UB”. The pragmatic alt-ballad of “I Might Never” is a good listen with it’s urban rhythm. The dead beat flowing message of “Rotten Baby” is a superb flux of energy and punkish flavor. Ohh I loved the doo-wop entrance to “”Me And London” what a cool sound mix, sounds a bit like if Green Day had gone rockabilly on us it works somehow.

What a fresh sound I was totally impressed with these guys. Is not everyday when you run into something as creative as the melting pot of influences that reverberate around these Brits.  If you’re a fan of Punk you probably need to check this CD out and any  buyers who enjoy their music melodic will find something captivating about this release also. Being that the band has toured with some of the most popular rockabilly groups in the scene I expect them to have a following already, but the point is to extend their horizons and I hope that people reading this will give them a shot because they’ll be just as surprised as I was. Recommended!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys    8/10

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