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Invertigo – Next Stop Vertigo

Released By : Progressive Promotion Records

Genre : Neo-Prog / Prog Rock

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1. Vertigo

2. The Night

3. Special

4. Take Your Time

5. Night On Broadway

6. Saturday Evening

Now this was certainly a nice little surprise, a modern day neo-prog album that sounds neither too retro nor too fresh. INVERTIGO split the middle and display the songwriting skills that could one day challenge even some of the big guns of the neo-prog genre and my whole time spent with NEXT STOP VERTIGO was well worth it.

The hardest thing to believe about this album is that it’s the band’s first effort together. From the quality of the musicianship, the great songwriting and the overall understanding of their subject matter everything here just screams professionalism. The ability this band has to wrap mounds of melody around some progressive pieces should ensure they are well received by the wide progressive music world. Opening track VERTIGO is pure neo-prog gold and at seven minutes long is funnily enough one of the shorter tracks of the album. The twelve minute long epic SPECIAL calls to mind Marillion and certainly has a bit of a Steve Hogarth vibe throughout. Also the closing track SATURDAY EVENING, which is a little different from the rest of the album, really should get all neo-prog fans jumping out of their seats.

I am happy to whole-heartedly recommend this album, and this band in general to any and all neo-prog fans and pretty much fans of any type of progressive music that puts melody before showing-off. INVERTIGO can be compared to Marillion, It Bites, Spock’s Beard and early day Genesis and given a couple more years of songwriting and touring could well be the next big revelation in the genre. Definitely a band to keep on your radar.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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