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Orison – Orison

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Modern Alt. Metal

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1. Rebels Below The Waist

2. Obsession

3. Inhale

4. start Somewhere

5. Far From Me

6. Darkness in Shadows

7. Different Shade Of Faded

In the mail the other day I received a very nice little surprise. When I opened the parcel I found a promo back from ORISON. What appealed to me about it though was the pure professionalism shown in the presentation. Along with a full digipak copy of the new album, there was also a great cardboard folder that housed an informative bio sheet and also a large press promo photo all on high gloss thick paper. Whilst doing this won’t and shouldn’t affect my rating of the music itself, it does ensure that they will get noticed quicker among the pile of albums and most of us reviewers will spend more time listening to an album that is presented to us in a professional manner.

ORISON basically play modern alt. rock custom made for radio airplay, but somehow they have managed to make a stale sound seem fresh again. Maybe it’s the raw energy of youth that does it or maybe it’s just because every song on this album is filled to the brim with raw energy. Some of the choruses here just sound ridiculously massive and there is so much melody strewn throughout these tracks that it’s easy to find yourself singing and grooving along to the album after only one listen. For an example of the raw energy that ORISON put out head straight to the songs OBSESSION and START SOMEWHERE, both of these tracks are energetic enough to appeal to heavy rock fans but still melodic and catchy enough to bust a hole in the radio charts.

I know a lot of people have dismissed the whole alternative radio rock genre now due to the mass saturation it has suffered over the last six years or so, but I suggest to anybody that still has any sort of interest in this style of music to check out ORISON, they are different enough to stand out from the pack and just might bet lodged in your head like they did mine.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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