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Lance Lopez – Salvation From Sundown

Released by MIG

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock/Blues



Line Up:

Lance Lopez: Guitars/Vocals

Tony Valdez: Bass

Cody Norman: Drums


1. Love Of Mine

2. My Good Thang

3. Heart Fixin Business

4. One Half Hour

5. So Alone

6. Salvation From Sundown

7. Neverlove

8. It Shoulda Been Me

9. Stubbs

10. Locked Outta Love

11. Why

12. Romeo

As I have stated before on some other similar reviews for blues music, I love the style and as of recently I have discovered a new interest in the genre especially considering the amount of new modern blues rock guitarists such as Joe Bonamassa, Scott Holt, The Derek Trucks Band, The Black Keys etc…. The genre has been a steady and proven commodity for guitar lovers and fans alike. With new artist of course comes change and progression in the music which the above artists display very constructively.

Lopez has been in the scene professionally since the age of 14 when he began playing local bars in and around the New Orleans, Louisiana area. Lance has had the grace to perform with the great Johnnie Taylor, Lucky Peterson and a chance to play in the “Buddy Miles Express”. And as you can probably imagine this man has some keen guitar skills to be even involved with the above greats, but not only that Mr Lopez won the Southeastern Regional Jimi Hendrix Electric Guitar competition in New Orleans sponsored by “Experience Hendrix”.

My first experience with Lopez was through some social friends that are more devoted blues fan then myself on the record “Higher Ground”. The mix of hard rock and modern Texas blues plays back at you with redemption.

On such striking songs like “Heart Fixin’ Blues” and “One Half Hour”, you hear Lopez’s voice cascades down with his southern blues style guitars with a recognizable atonement. I couldn’t help but notice the funky vibe of “So Alone” one of the more distinct tracks on “SFS”, and the guitar lead is wondrous. Is not hard to see the comparison in some circles in guitar playing to the great Hendrix, and on the sunset scorcher “Neverlove” the contrast in style is resounding.

Lance Lopez keeps on plunging forward with his already stellar blues rock career, and with this release there’s no doubt in my mind he will continues to make a name for himself outside the Blues circles. If you get a chance to check him out on the road I suggest you do that as I’ve heard great things about his live shows. If you likes your blues cross mixed with some Hard Rock, I would applaud your efforts to check him out; is worth it!!!.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   7/10

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