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Transatlantic – Whirld Tour 2010 DVD Live From Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Released by: Radiant Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Progressive Rock

Links: http://www.transatlanticweb.com/

Line Up:

Neal Morse – Lead vocals, keyboards, guitar

Roine Stolt – Guitar, backing vocals

Pete Trewavas – Bass guitar, backing vocals

Mike Portnoy – drums, backing vocals

Daniel Gildenlöw – additional keyboards, additional guitar, additional percussion, lead vocals, backing vocals


1. “The Whirlwind”

I. “Overture / Whirlwind”

II. “The Wind Blew Them All Away”

III. “On The Prowl”

IV. “A Man Can Feel”

V. “Out Of The Night”

VI. “Rose Colored Glasses”

VII. “Evermore”

VIII. “Set Us Free”

IX. “Lay Down Your Life”

X. “Pieces Of Heaven”

XI. “Is It Really Happening?”

XII. “Dancing With Eternal Glory / Whirlwind (Reprise)”

1. “All Of The Above”

I. “Full Moon Rising”

II. “October Winds”

III. “Camouflaged In Blue”

IV. “Half Alive”

V. “Undying Love”

VI. “Full Moon Rising (Reprise)”

2. “We All Need Some Light” (Morse)

3. “Duel With The Devil”

I. “Motherless Children”

II. “Walk Away”

III. “Silence Of The Night”

IV. “You’re Not Alone”

V. “Almost Home”

For progressive rock fanatics we have a real treat in the live DVD footage of Transatlantic’s Whirld Tour 2010 live at Shepherds Bush Empire in London. For those of you not familiar with Progressive Rock in general I shall try my best to give you a historical reference on Transatlantic.

The group is composed of former Spock’s Beard Neal Morse, now former Dream Theater Mike Portnoy, man I’ve never thought I heard myself say that weird, anyways they also tapped the Flower Kings guitarist/vocalist Roine Stolt along with prog rock wise man Pete Trewavas from Marillion fame.

The band eventually went on to release their 1st album titled “SMPT” in 2000, later followed by their sophomore debut “Bridge Across Forever”. Unfortunately as with any band changes bring forward conflicts and after Morse left his original band Beard in 2002, thoughts of any more music from Transatlantic went out the window. By the way as a point of reference I must state that Neal moved on at that point in time to record more “Christian” music and as a sincere listener of his solo stuff, I was impressed for what is worth mentioning.

The band came howling back after rumors of a reunion came to fruition and in April 16, 2009, it was officially announced that the band had reunited and begun work on a third studio album which later was titled “The Whirlwind’. True to their progressive rock roots the album featured the lone single 77 minute title-track. This consequent release let to the band touring North America and Europe in April–May 2010 in support of The Whirlwind. Dubbed the Whirld Tour, the band was again joined by Daniel Gildenlöw on stage which you can witness on this very same DVD performance.

First of all these guys have delivered an unprecedented amount of material live on stage, a whopping 2 and a half hours of music in which the band performs “The Whirlwind” in it’s entirety along with “All Of The Above” the 30 minute Epic and “Duel With The Devil” another half hour music junction of progressive rock blend.

The whole concert is a highlight in itself as the this pristine venue in England always draws great following and once the groups hits the stage, the artistry of each instruments is displayed with precision and skill. The ginormous performance of The Whirlwind itself it’s a feat to remember, the whole album plays like a story on stage with each member hitting each part dead on. “The Wind Blew Them All Away” sounds better live then I remember, and “Set Us Free” and “Pieces Of Heaven” are all respectively performed amazingly and given new light live in the flesh.

The addition of Gildenlow gets overshadow in this performance, really adds a nice touch in on the choruses and bridges. Neal’s voice never sounds too high or low, is an even keel vocal performance with a convincing display of atmospheric trademark keyboards. Mike Portnoy is always a beast on drums regardless of the softer material here in contrast to his Dream Theater stuff, amazingly enough he has plenty of vocal duties with Transatlantic, something some DT fans never really thought he could do much of. The package is shot in perfect digital video and superb audio sharpness. The DVD includes both Dolby Stereo and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround audio tracks and it sounds great and powerful. This set takes a Live journey into the mind and soul of these spirited musicians unlike any they have ever done before. Must have for any fans of the band and progressive rockers out there!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys    9/10

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