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The Colourphonics – The Colourphonics

Released by: Prog Rock Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Rock/Fusion/Jam/Pop



Line Up:

Corey – Guitars and Vox

Shaun – Bass Guitar

Steve – Drums/Percussion

Nick – Tenor/soprano sax

Ken – Tenor/soprano sax and EWI


1. Looking Back

2. The Good Within You

3. My Daydream

4. Sunset I

5. Sunset II – Found

6. Sunset III – Blossom Haze

7. Find a Home

8. This Is Not An Exit

9. Underwater

Even yours truly desires for music that is both esthetically different and pleasing at the same time. Hint, we have here the debut album from Adelaide’s Australia’s own “The Colourphonics”. This nifty outfit falls somewhere in the category of jam band/jazz/fusion and everything in between. The band has been around the Australia scene since early 2008 and have finally released their debut album.  I guess if you wanted to know anything about this band’s music just read this quote from one of their sites; “”Interpreters of the munted, chaotic whirlpool that is the prolix collectiveness, distilled down to rhythm, rhyme and reason that piques the conscience first, the feet swiftly following”.. Want to know more? You’ll have to experience it for yourself.

Hard to mold what I can compare these guys to, but the female guest vocals of  Miranda Maz are something I dug upon first gaze. Her smooth lines on “‘My Dream” balance the fusion shot of cool back into this slow ballad which makes good use of pop synchronicity. The opening track of “Looking Back At It All” is a jam session delight, enforced by the guitars of Corey Taylor. Another ultra jam session evolves when “Sunset” comes down, with a superb job on the saxophone courtesy of Peter Raidel. The evident trace in some songs can be easily marked to The Mars Volta, but really the band manages to incorporate other sounds that transform themselves both musically and creatively.

In trying to recognize influences for this band, well it would be audacious of me to try to compare them to any other band, as there simply aren’t many around that can fully claim this style. I hear some Phil Collins solo stuff, some obvious platonic variations trans mixed with your typical prog rock stuff. But these guys really have a unique sound which auto generated my interests instantly.

The Recordlabel has released this issue of the band’s debut and for those that don’t know this label is actually a part of Prog Rock records for bands that don’t normally fall into that category. Well these guys don’t fit into many categories but only the good ones. If you like your music melodic, with a little jam and experimental finding in between; look no further then The Colourphonics you’ll be highly surprised at the level of musicianship and production on this stellar release.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

“Interpreters of the munted, chaotic whirlpool that is the prolix collectiveness, distilled down to rhythm, rhyme and reason that piques the conscience first, the feet swiftly following

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2 thoughts on “The Colourphonics – The Colourphonics

  1. Howdy Denys.

    Thanks heaps, mate. Glad you enjoyed our little hodge-podge of musical love, got lots more on the way this year so keep half an eye out for us, who knows what’ll happen?

    I do – we’re breaking up*.


    Corey Taylor
    (No, not *that* Corey Taylor. One is a guitar genius, the other used to play in Slipknot)

    *May well be totally untrue.

  2. Thanks for the awesome review we are most humbled. We have a lot more instore with a concept film clip and we are starting to record our second album which will be released as digital singles throughout the year.

    Shaun M of The Colourphonics


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