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Drunk – Antwerp City Thrashers

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Crossover Thrash Metal

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Tracklist :

1. Kill The Pandas

2. Toxic Psychotic

3. I Don’t Want To Work

4. Enema

5. Camp Crystal Festival

6. DxTxTx

7. Anti-Party

8. Beerfart

It should be clear from the cover artwork and the band’s name what sort of music they play, but if not let me tell you they are a crossover thrash band that put having a good time as a priority over and sort of articulate songwriting and skillful musicianship. While it’s nice to have bands like around to listen to every now and then, the fact is there is almost zero chance of DRUNK hitting any sort of big-time success.

I do have a feeling that this won’t bother them though as this whole package seems more about fun and giggles than anything else. And as a matter of  fact the most enjoyable tracks on the disc are the ones that go out of their way to be a little bit sillier than the rest. KILL THE PANDAS, I DON’T WANT TO WORK and BEERFART all share a similar sort of arrogance and are perfect songs for a beer fuelled metalhead party.

Obviously playing this sort of punk-inspired dirty and fast thrash metal doesn’t require a whole lot of musical ability other than the ability to play fast, fast, fast. Not that any part of the musical aspect of this album is bad or anything like that, just don’t expect interesting riffs and moody set pieces. The whole disc has one gear and as soon as the speedy thrash of the first track kicks in you will wither love the album or hate it. The closest band I can think to compare DRUNK to is TANKARD, mainly for the beer and humor references, but they also share a slightly similar musical approach. The vocals can be a little bit grinding on the ears at times, but that sort of stud just comes with the genre and is certainly not a personnel issue.

If you like TANKARD, or just enjoy moshing along to some ultras fast alcohol induced thrash metal, this eight track album from DRUNK will more than quench your thirst. If you demand more than simplicity from your music though there’s obviously not much reason for you to check it out. The disc also comes as a numbered limited edition with only 500 copies being pressed, so if you’re a ollector this one might be worth grabbing as they may shoot upward one day and if they do this album will turn into a highly sought after collectors item.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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