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Fallen Sanctuary – Malevolent Symmetry

Released By : Self Released

Genre : thrash Metal, Power Metal

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1. Dark Defective Synergistic

2. The fetid Kingdom

3. Prelude To Supremacy

4. The Quarternary Code

5. Blessed Affliction Of Man

6. By Virtue Of Impurity

7. Enemy

8. Perjury Of Thought

9. The Thrall Contagion

Yes, so I’m a little bit late with this review, but oh well all good things are worth waiting for right?  If you have already heard this album and already know of Fallen Sanctuary then I can help you out early by letting you know that the answer is yes. Yes this is going to be another glowing review and Yes I absolutely loved the album. But, for those just browsing who haven’t heard about this one yet, hold on to your hats while I introduce you to one of your new favorite bands.

Interestingly enough though, when I say band I mean it in a pretty loose sense as FALLEN SANCTUARY is actually just a duo, featuring two brothers none the less. Malevolent Symmetry is the brothers second full length following on from the very highly rated yet largely unknown debut Theories Of Ruin. Fallen Sanctuary base their sound in a version of thrash metal that reminds me a lot of Testament if you combined their Practice What You Preach era with their Low era, but also added to the mix is a generous helping of power metal elements and a very slight and welcomed death metal element. Largely they could be compared to Testament mixed with a tiny bit of Slayer and a hint of Helloween. An eclectic mix to be sure, but one that really works for the band and makes for a very interesting album.

Malevolent Symmetry is a concept album with an arcing storyline that is a little hard to see at first but after a while comes through quite naturally. Maybe a slight hint of influence from Fear Factory as the base of the story has something to do with genetics and the future and the end of the world. Maybe this is a bit of an overdone subject matter in the metal world, but when it’s done this well who cares.

To say that this is s self-funded and self-released album the level of professionalism is astounding. I mean not only do you get some brilliant music, you also get a well thought out concept story, world-class album artwork and even more importantly a stellar production. The brothers James and William Dezarn play all of the instruments between the two of them and also equally share the credit for the production…. A true do-it-yourself project if ever there was one.

The only thing that held this album back from getting a flawless score was that in places the vocals weren’t as good as other places. Don’t get me wrong, this dude can certainly sing and moves from growls to screams to thrash vocal styles seamlessly, it’s just that he has maybe three or four lines in the album where the vocals are a bit underdone. If this tiny little issue is ironed out before the next album is released, Fallen Sanctuary really to have the potential to turn the metal world upside down on its head.

I urge anybody that has read this far to remember to go and check them out after you’ve finished reading, most people that hear this band for the first time are blown away, will you be the next one?…

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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