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Asia – Heat Of The Moment: Live DVD Review

Released by: IMV Blueline

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Classic Rock/Melodic Rock

Links: http://theasiaband.com/

Links: http://mvdb2b.com/s/AsiaHeatOfTheMomentLive/5044D

Line Up:

Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards/Vocals

John Payne – Bass/Lead Vocals

Chris Slade – Drums

Guthrie Govan – Guitars


01. The heat goes on

02. Awake

03. Wherever you are

04. Only time will tell

05. Soul survivor

06. Free

07. Don’t cry

08. Days like these

09. Military man

10. Bad asteroid

11. Heat of the moment

12. Ready to go home

13. Arena

14. Go

Long considered one of the best classic rock acts of our time, Asia feautring John Payne is what the DVD Asia – Heat Of The Moment: Live DVD is displaying.  Obviously I know what most people are thinking and I to a certain extent probably thin the same thing and that is most Asia longtime fans considered the classic line up of Wetton, Downes, Palmer and Howe to be untouchable.  And who can blame them, I mean consider the band released their iconic debut record in 1982 and went on to extend a notorious career that eventually saw the original line up split up and resurface under the John Payne bass lead.

Well not to steal any thunder from John Payne, who has a very good voice and does a noteworthy job on bass on this particular performance, but if you are longing the classic line up then you probably won’t pay any attention to this. The fact that Downes was the only from the early days on this tour may cause some fans to reconsider, but based solely on performance alone and if you’re a die hard fan of the band; I wouldn’t pass it by.

Let’s get to the good part, and that is the songs in itself because such classics as “The Heat Goes On”, “Only Time Will Tell” are praise worthy as both Payne and Downes are solid. One unheralded player on this particular performance goes to Chris Slade, the former great AC/DC drummer who delivers a nice poignant assault on tracks like “Soul Survivor” and “Military Man”. When I listen to the very progressive upbringing of “Free” I can’t help but appreciate Asia’s impact on the melodic rock, AOR and progressive world over the years. I have to admit something that some may not like, but as an Asia fan myself I noticed that on the Asia Live in Tokyo DVD from 2006 the vocals of John Wetton had dropped in quality, again after 30 years in the business this is not uncommon but one more reason for some to check out Payne and give him a shot?. Did I forget to mention the talented guitar skills of Guthrie Goven? He shreds and keeps the spirit of the songs alive even without the great Steve Howe.

The bad is the video quality, although not terrible you won’t expect nothing more then a fair video capturing performance. And the real downer is the fact that the DVD is a re package of Asia – America: Live in the USA featuring John Payne. Again this doesn’t affect the actual performance which is solid even for a band going on a limb and in this particular point in their career decided to chance it without the original line up. I for one don’t care about the nay sayers it takes some balls to go out and play with people that fans don’t relate to and are not as known, but instead the band decided to proceed and not just capitalize on their cash and keep on releasing greatest hits albums, like so many others do.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys    7/10

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