Ten – Stormwarning

As any fans of the band knows for such classics albums like "Spellbound" and "The Name Of The Rose" are timeless classics in the genre. But as much...

Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: February 15th, 2011

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

Links: http://www.tenofthebest.com/

Line Up:

Gary Hughes – Vocals, Guitars, Backing Vocals

John Halliwell – Guitars, Acoustic Guitars

Neil Fraser – Guitars, Lead Guitars

Paul Hodson – Keyboards and Synthesisers, Programming

Mark Sumner – Bass Guitars

With Mark Zonder: Drums and Percussion


1. Endless Symphony

2. Centre Of My Universe

3. Kingdom Come

4. Book Of Secrets

5. Stormwarning

6. Invisible

7. Love Song

8. The Hourglass And The Landslide

9. Destiny

10. The Wave

Even though the upcoming TEN release Stormwarning was a peak of interest for us to review, simply because they rock and as far as AOR/Melodic Rock vocalists, Gary Hughes has always been a steady performer and along with his countless amount of material covered in the One and Future King release as well as producing and songwriting for Bob Catley, he has never lost touch with his own band.

As any fans of the band knows  for such classics albums like “Spellbound” and “The Name Of The Rose” are timeless classics in the genre. But as much as the great music has been a key point, the revolving door of line up changes and split ups had laid a foundation of uncertainty over the band for years. Is good of Gary to get back on track in true spirit of what is now their 9th studio album titled “Stormwarning”.

Any doubts are quickly washed away with the steady keyboards passages of the opening track “Endless Symphony” which then adheres to the powerful drumming of the great Mark Zonder (Fates Warning), who handles all drum duties on this release.  One thing that has never been in question is the skill level of anybody taking guitar duties on any of the previous TEN releases, and this time around both Neil Fraser, John Halliwell and Hughes himself take over the ear shredding epic  “Centre Of My Universe” featuring some more background dominating keyboards layouts.  One thing you will notice on this release is the epic sound production courtesy of Dennis Ward, the crisp of the instruments is very thought out and on great the high riser tunes like the title track, you will feel the presence I’m talking about.

Stormwarning didn’t grab as fast upon first listen as  some of the past TEN records, but it gradually builds on you through time. No is not to say that the album can’t be enjoyed from top to bottom or that you have to purposely listen to it a million times to get it. There is nothing to get, it sounds like a bit of an evolution of TEN without sacrificing their classic sound. Good writing, a rock solid production, a very cool artistic cover provided once more by Spanish artist Luis Royo and a valued package put together by a band that always has something to offer.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys    8/10

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