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Hell In The Club – Let The Games Begin

Released by: Avenue Of Allies

Release Date: January 28th, 2011

Genre: Hard Rock/Glam Metal



Line Up:

Dave – vocals

Picco – guitars

Andy – bass

Fede – drums


1. Never Turn My Back

2. Rock Down This Place

3. On The Road

4. Natural Born Rockers

5. Since You’re Not Here

6. Another Saturday Night

7. Raise Your Drinkin’ Glass

8. No Appreciation

9. Forbidden Fruit

10. Star

11. Daydream Boulevard

12. Don’t Throw In The Towel

What kind of monster do you create when you take two of Italy’s most predominant power metal and progressive bands and put them together in one room? Hard Rock ala 80’s? Really? I didn’t see this one coming out from by rear view mirror at all, I mean Avenue of Allies always releases good bands in Melodic Rock/AOR but to have this interesting set of talent together in one project? Very impressive.

I suppose is no secret to many of the band’s in metal to be influenced by legends like Motley Crue, Kiss, Skid Row etc. Believe it or not but you are noticing more bands just cross genres and go into new musical frontiers never experienced before. The crazy thing is that the sound is great, and this kick ass rock and roll party attitude is what some bands are fully incorporating in their music again. Ahh yes times change but the music stays the same.

The idea for the project was started by Secret Sphere’s bass player Andrea Buratto who quickly realized they needed a capable singer and they found just that in front man Davide Moras aka Damnagoras from Elvenking . I could never see this transition take effect, but when you hear tracks like the Hard Rock and sleaze party anthem “Rock Down This Place” you quickly throw your hands and rock out those winy concerns as you know it works and it works pretty fucking well. The band’s first single and first video for “On The Road” shows a rocky party hard image of the band which translates into the song’s fun lyrics.

The Tesla influenced anthem of “Another Saturday Night” and “Raise Your Drinking Glass”  makes any loner want to booze it up at the club after getting paid… Don’t lie you know you’ve been there.. no pun intended of course.  More Skid Row mementos come your way via the slammer track “Forbidden Fruit”.  Hell In The Club delivers in a way that bands like Crazy Lixx, Crashdiet etc did last year. This year the Sleaze and Glam gets kicked started out of Italy and with redemption.

Look for for this release as it’s a good starting point for  a collaboration that may or may not continue you never really know with these projects. The wow factor is established by the precarious teamwork of these unlikely heroes, but it does work all things consider. Welcome another band to the Glam Metal scene and they fit right in. Ohh yeah.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys    8/10

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