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Illuminatus – Glasnost

Released by: Headroom Records

Release Date: February, 2011

Genre: Alternative Metal/Post Metal



Line Up:

Julio Taylor – vocals / guitar

Jon Martin – guitar

Felix Rullhusen – Drums

Leo Giovazzini – Bass


01 – Glasnost

02 – Murderocracy

03 – Division

04 – Reconnect

05 – Cave In

06 – Keep Calm and Carry On

07 – You’ll Never Know What This Means

08 – Red

09 – Gosling

10 – Clarity

11 – Wolves

What a strange feeling I got the other day when I received this promo from Illuminatus upon gazing at the cover artwork for their sophomore release “Glasnost”. I actually thought I was looking at something deeper hidden in it’s message on that darkly gloomy newspapper covering a gentleman’s face, perhaps I bumped into a band with a something more to their music then meets the eye? Ahh yes I stand corrected the Nottingham outfit has been digging deep for a few years in the alternative metal circuit and has been widely getting some much deserving recognition, especially after their title debut record “The Wrath Of The Lambs”.

Is easy to categorize this band as some close brothers in arms come to mind, particularly the dark groovy indemnities of Anathema. Along with this particular trait these guys put an hard emphasis on the songwriting here which often times leans on some political undertakings but leveling off a bit to push their message. Maybe the culmination of ideas from different backgrounds play a part in the way these guys play, as they feature band members originating from Spain, Italy, Germany and Britain.

You won’t find an array of one instrument dominating in these guys music, the writing leads the way to their dark alternative sound which then generates a steam of smoke from the deep concise vocals of front man Julio Taylor(vocals, guitars). The heavy politically driven words on “Murdocracy” sends off a deep meaning of the band’s strong and poignant lyrical prowess. The more melodic driven guitar tones inject a flavor of more alternative medicine on the track “Cave In”. The sky is lit once more with the fiery and strongest rhythm bass flux of “Carry On”, again relying heavy on it’s underlining message. By the time you reach the song “RED” your mind has exploded with mind bending intrinsic ammunition of progressive post metal power.

One of the best written release of the early year as I felt like I was listening to a soundtrack to one’s own emotional journey of self revelation and realization of the world “out there”. Is obvious these guys make music with intend to strike a strong emotion in each song, you add the war machine heavy guitar arrangement and the ferocious vocals of Taylor and you have quite a combination. I’m not the biggest alternative freak out there but I do like my music with some meaning and purpose once in a while and this is where Illuminatus excels. They get their point across with strong conviction and appraisal.  Is up to you if you want to take the next step and give them a listen, I did and got more then I expected.

For those wondering what the hell Glasnost mean —— “Russian – was the policy of maximal publicity, openness, and transparency in the activities of all government institutions

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys    9/10

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