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Plector – Dark & Spiteful

Released By : Discouraged Records

Genre : Thrashy Death Metal

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01.  Spiteful love

02.  Past Is Done (Dead And Gone)

03.  Alcoholic Refuge

04.  Slave Until You Die

05.  Emotions Decline

06.  Embrace Our Shit

07.  Apathic Mind

08.  Kill Yourself Inside

09.  Released Aggression

Death metal bands hailing from Stockholm, Sweden really are a dime a dozen these days, so if any new band is going to break through the masses they need one of two things. 1 – A unique sound that stands against all the other bands vying for the same attention, or 2 – A bit of a gimmick that people will connect with because it’s different or fun.

Well I’ll say from the outset that I did like most of this album, but originality isn’t the bands strong point and we’ve really heard this stuff all before heaps of times. But luckily for them they do have point number two sorted out. See, where they differ from most bands in the death metal genre is they don’t take themselves too seriously. The whole stigma that death metal has to be grim and serious to be worthy is blown out the water a little bit here.

PLECTOR have been smart enough though to not go too far in the other direction, because we all know the polar opposite of serious would be parody. No PLECTOR are in no way a parody band, which is clear by the precision and skill in their playing. There are just enough joke elements here to grab people’s attention with a couple of funny song titles in ALCOHOLIC REFUGE and the funniest one EMBRACE OUR SHIT.  The three band members also use funny pseudonyms such as GRIZZLY BEER, KILLHELM and wait for it…BEARDMUFF. One other little thing worth mentioning is the small text that goes around the edge of the actual disc that suggests listening to this album is better during “Navel Sucking, Shit Releasing, Anal Surgery” among a few other witty comments that I will admit made me smile.

I won’t talk too much about the actual musical side of the band other than to say they are a pretty good sounding group with a thrashy death metal style that reminds me a little bit of early day SEPULTURA and PANTERA and I did thoroughly enjoy the time I spent listening to it. Can I suggest that you death metal fans let down your guard long enough to check this out. Remember it’s not a parody band picking on the genre, PLECTOR is actually a great death metal band that aren’t too concerned about conforming to the usual seriousness of the style.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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