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Tar Queen – Orgasoline

Released By : Dirty & Weird Music

Genre : Stoner Rock, Post-Grunge

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01.  Pull My Finger

02.  Oh Yeah, Oh No!

03.  Dead & Breakfast

04.  Clarabel’s Rubber Tools

05.  Last Pride Of A Fading Man

06.  Wonderful Pain

07.  Orgasoline

08.  Funhouse Of Upper Hell

09.  Ceremonial Ghost

10.  Cock-Tail

As a reviewer, one of the things I enjoy the most is hearing bands for the first time. This is even more enjoyable for me when I spend time listening to an album that is hard to put into a genre and where there has been a clear effort from a band to do things a little differently.

Well, recently I spent some time with ORGASOLINE from a band I had never heard of TAR QUEEN, and they certainly fall in the category of hard to define and the bonus is that the album really kicks some serious ass. The best way I can describe the album is a mix between stoner/desert rock, modern day post-grunge and nineties alternative rock music. While this combo may sound pretty odd it actually works really well and at different times of the album I was reminded of bands like KYUSS, JANES ADDICTION, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, TOOL and even SYSTEM OF A DOWN here and there. The whole album has a real emotive feel to it and it is nearly impossible to pick out individual songs.

Any band that come out with a bit of unique sound in the rock world today automatically deserves some praise, but the fact this album is not only different but also really good is a credit to the writing skills of the band. I will recommend this alum to anybody that has a soft spot for nineties alternative rock, but just keep in mind that there are some modern elements within the sound too. With ORGASOLINE, TAR QUEEN have officially entered my music radar and I will be watching with a keen eye to see what they come up with next.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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