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The Sunwashed Avenues – Cult Of The Black Sun

Released By : Dirty & Weird Music

Genre : Alternative, Experimental Rock

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01.  Ride The Last Wave Before Eternal Darkness

02.  Gran Torino

03.  1979

04.  Burning Rome

05.  Cult Of The Black Sun

06.  Their Faces Turned To Smiles When The Ate Up Their Brains

07.  Ideas Of March

08.  Black Lodge Boogie

09. Manha Do Carnaval

The other day I received a promo parcel from DIRTY & WEIRD MUSIC, a record label I had only recently found out about. This new long player from THE SUNWASHED AVENUES was the first album I listened to out of the four they sent me and my first experience with both the band and the record label. After listening to the album a bunch of times I came to the realization that the dirty & weird moniker is the most suited label name this band could ever find. It’s dirty alright, while a real sludgy, stoner feel to it mixed with the wall of sound usually created by a very loud and muddy garage rock. And yes, the album has the weird part sorted too by mixing so many different musical elements together and coming out sounding like some sort of experimental noise exercise.

During the course of the album’s nine songs you will hear elements of punk music, death metal, modern alt rock, emo, progressive rock and just about anything else that the band could fit into the tunes. The best examples to go by would probably be BURNING ROME, CULT OF THE BLACK SUN and MANHA DO CARNAVAL as each one is crazier than the last and all three of tunes could be from different bands and you wouldn’t even know it.

It’s hard to know who to recommend the album to as there are so many different elements that make it, but maybe the best I could do here would be to suggest that fans of Mike Patton’s many projects may get a kick out of how odd the album is. The music is definitely not easy to listen to and if you just have it one in the background it would likely be very annoying, but if you sit with it and focus on the soundscapes and embrace the experimental elements, CULT OF THEBLAK SUN is a rewarding yet confusing listen.

Written by ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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