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Pushking – The World As We Love It

Released by: Eagle Rock Ent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Epic Hard Rock


Line Up:

Konstantin “Koha” Shustarev – vocals

Nikolai Yegerev – guitar

Dmitry Losev – guitar

Valeriy Sadakov – bass

Andrey Kruglov – drums

Vicktor Drobysh – keyboards



‘Nightrider’ (featuring Billy F Gibbons – vocals, guitar)

‘It’ll Be OK’ (featuring Billy F Gibbons – vocals, Nuno Bettencourt – guitar)

‘Troubled Love’ (featuring Alice Cooper – vocals, Keri Kelli – guitar)

‘Stranger’s Song’ (featuring John Lawton (ex-URIAH HEEP) – vocal, Steve Stevens – guitar)

‘Cut The Wire’ (featuring Paul Stanley – vocals, Steve Salas (ex-DAVID BOWIE – guitar)

‘My Reflections After Seeing The Schindler’s List Movie’ (featuring Steve Vai – guitar)

‘God Made Us Free’ (featuring Graham Bonnet – vocals)

‘Why Don’t You?’ (featuring Glenn Hughes – vocals)

‘I Believe’ (featuring JEFF SCOTT SOTO – vocals)

‘Tonight’ (featuring Glenn Hughes – vocals, JOE BONAMASSA – guitar)

‘Private Own’ (featuring Glenn Hughes – vocals, Matt Filippini (MOONSTONE) – guitar)

‘Open Letter To God’ (featuring ERIC MARTIN – vocals)

‘Nature’s Child’ (featuring Udo Dirkschneider (ex-ACCEPT, U.D.O.) – vocals)

‘I Love You’ (featuring Dan McCafferty (NAZARETH) – vocals)

‘Head Shooter’ (featuring Joe Lynn Turner – vocals)

‘Heroin’ (featuring JORN LANDE – vocals)

‘My Simple Song’ (featuring Dan McCafferty – vocals)

‘Kukarracha’ (featuring Joe Lynn Tuner, Eric Martin, Glenn Hughes, Paul Stanley, Graham Bonnet – vocals, STEVE LUKATHER – guitar)

Undoubtedly the new Pushking record has to be one of the finest ensemble of Hard Rock musicians put together on one studio record. The Russian natives who’s humble beginnings trace back to the mid 90’s when they went by the name “Lost and Found” a name that was later changed by group promoters because it was considered too “pro western”. They changed their band name to Push King and soon after amassed some international acclaim not only in their home land, but throughout Europe.

The group was created by Koha Shustarev who was in charge of all the writing at the early point in their career, after the band initially came together some soon to be followed  European promotion came their way in Germany and quickly word of the band spread shortly. The band went on to hit critical acclaim on various other records and even landed a huge performance in front of fifty thousand fans at at Rock Festival at Gorky Park at Moscow.

The astounding feature on this project is the remarkable line up of guest musicians that contribute on the record, such big names like: Alice Cooper,Paul Stanley,Billy Gibbons ,Glenn Hughes ,John Lawton ,Joe Lynn Turner ,Dan McCafferty ,Jeff Scott Soto ,Graham Bonnet ,Eric Martin ,Udo Dirkschneider and Jorn Lande all lend their guest vocals.

All fists come out lurking forward on the explosive “Nightrider” featuring the great Billy Gibbons on guitar and vocals. A surprise treasure pops loose on the amazing melodic lead of “Stranger’s Song” where Steve Stevens shreds his way towards epic proportions. The usual inspired vocal performance swoofes through in the song “Why Don’t You” provided by the “Voice of Rock” mister Glenn Hughes himself on a self deprecating ballad. The Black Country Communion tag duo of Bonamassa and Hughes spill their soul on the power ballad “Tonight”. The thundering vocals of Udo Dirkschneider bring a more metal flavor to the mix on the striking sledgehammer “Nature’s Child”.

The love strung ballad “I Love You” brings a flash of fresh air as Dan McCafferty does more then a commendable job on lead vocals. Even Jorn Lande guest vocals on this immense rock opera and although his pipes are always great, the overalls sound of the song here feels a bit out of bend. Although some tracks feel a bit precarious to judge paired up with the guest vocalists, most of the compositions stand out on their own and provided a “fun” factor to listen to.

Well some final thoughts on a very arduous but formidable collaborations with some of the best voices in the Hard Rock business….I thought it was pretty good but nothing that will blow your socks off. Fabrizio Grossi does a phenomenal job of producing this very multi layered talent wheel, and the guys from Pushking themselves can hold more then their own, but it’s all about the guest musicians here and they all do a noteworthy job. It’s a fun record to listen to because I have not heard so much great talent compiled together..well probably ever. The fact is that for curiosity sakes you probably need to check it out and for that reason and for the talent involved I wouldn’t hesitate to pick this one up.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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