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Benedictum – Dominion

Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: March 8th, 2011

Genre: Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal


Line Up:

Veronica Freeman – Vocals

Pete Wells – Guitars

Mike Pannone – Drums

Chris Shrum – Bass

Tony Diaz – Keyboards


1. Dominion

2. At the Gates

3. Seer

4. Grind It

5. Prodigal Son

6. The Shadowlands

7. Beautiful Pain

8. Dark Heart

9. Bang

10. Loud Silence

11. Epsilon

12. Sanctuary

13. Overture/The Temples of Syrinx

Something different from Frontiers which usually sticks to artists in the Melodic Rock/Hard Rock side of things, well here we have the sledge hammering power of Metal and Thrash rockers Benedictum. The San Diego based quintet made a big splash back in 2006 with their debut record “Uncreation”. Some help in getting the band noticed came from Craig Goldy (Dio) who helped the band get their foot on the ground later hooked up with former Dokken Jeff Pilson who produced the record.

The result of the second collaboration between Jeff Pilson and Benedictum was their 2008 release “Seasons of Tragedy”, which then landed the band a serious of big festival gigs like Wacken, Gods of Metal, HRH and a tour with DORO.

The combination of power between the very audacious vocals of Veronica Freemon and the crunchy guitar work of  Pete Wells team up for a powerful tour de force. The groups new album, now their third released features an array of heavy bottom heavy thundering riffs that support the backbone of their front end vocals.  The strong entrance of “Seer” has the soaring magical vocals of Freemon piercing through your skin with vengeance, how about that chunky riff midway through the song? Awesome. Where things get interesting is when you hear the versatility of Freemon in full pledge on the haunting track “Dark Heart” which pounds it’s way with more colossal coercion.

The madness continues with the fist pumping anthem of “Bang” which features guest none other then Rudy Sarzo. This band has some serious talent at their disposal and when it comes to rocking hard they own the night in that regard. What works to well here is the uncanny mix of traditional heavy metal material ala Judas Priest and your classic Thrash Metal elements think an old school Anthrax meets Crimson Glory. The prudent approach to the vocals fits the the greater scope of the band’s talent exquisitely and the axe work drops in on places where the music demands it the most. Watch out for this release as it turns out it may be one of the best Heavy Metal releases of this early year.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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