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Robin Beck – The Great Escape

Released by: Her Majesty’s Music Room

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Rock/Pop Rock


Line Up:

Robin Beck – Lead vocals

Tommy Denander – Guitars, Drums, Keyboards

James Christian – Drums, Bass, Background vocals

James Jamal – Bass, Drums on “Baby I’m Not A Bitch”

Liv Beck – Background vocals

Dai Smith – Rhythm guitar on “Baby I’m Not A Bitch”

Katherine Ownes – Piano/Synth, Background vocals on “Baby I’m Not A Bitch”

Paul Jones – Acoustic/Electric guitars on “Baby I’m Not A Bitch”


1. The One

2. Got Me Feelin’ Sexy

3. Inside Of Me

4. That All Depends (duet with Joe Lynn Turner)

5. Baby I’m Not A Bitch

6. Everything Is Alright

7. The Great Escape

8. Don’t Think He’s Ever Coming Home

9. Cross My Heart

10. All The Rivers

11. Till The End Of Time

Amongst the best current female vocals in the Melodic Rock world, you have the one Robin Beck. For readers not familiar with her work, well a young Robin got her start back early in her career as backing singer, supporting the efforts of Melissa Manchester, Chaka Khan, and Leo Sayer. Her first album was released in 1979, and featured Irene Cara and Luther Vandross on backing vocals. Beck has also lend her great voice to various melodic rock projects throughout the years and consequently became a hot commodity in when it comes to female vocals.  Also for those not familiar, she consequently went on to married her husband James Christian from House of Lords fame.

Her topping features have of recent years have been a melodic rock mix with your basic Rock Pop elements. Robin’s last record was released on Frontiers back in 2007 titled “Livin’ on a Dream” raised to some critical acclaim. So as a fan of the genre as many readers here know, I looked forward to her newest studio album titled “The Great Escape”. The new one is co produced by Tommy Denander and produced by Christian himself and features the glamorous good looks of Beck on the florescent album cover.

But enough about the sugar coating, let’s get into the record and see what we have here shall we? Launching into a sweet melodic hook of the opening track “The One” and “Got Me Feeling Sexy’ is the power vocals of Beck which sounds better then ever; something that has never been a question. How about the duet vocals with the great Joe Lynn Turner on “That All Depends” both singers hit some high notes as the AOR template base comes flying high. The more commercial driven “Baby I’m Not A Bitch” takes a more moderately tone and simple lyrics approach in contrast to the first half of the album.

The title track has some inspired high rising guitar lead reminds me in places of some House of Lords material, which doesn’t surprise me sine James was had an integral part on Robin’s new record, the opening keyboards are somewhat memorable also.He also lends his power vocals in the chorus on the potent “All The Rivers” with a chunky AOR groove.

In terms of style and substance, you know what you’re going to get with Robin Beck, she’s a wonderful vocalist with a powerhouse voice that resonates on every track, same goes for the guest vocals of Turner etc. I guess is a story of two discs as the first half is more traditional to her melodic rock roots and the second half is a little more Pop/Rock in some places but still sounds good in my ears no less. Robin has had an extensive career in the music business and still manages to stay humble to her beginnings, add to that she has her own label and dances to the beat of her own beat, ohh yeah and she can rock a tune or two. Simply because her vocals carry the record forward is enough for me to recommend it to any fans of Melodic Rock and of course any fans of Beck should find enough to satisfy their needy Rocker hearts.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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