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Mad Maze – No Time Left… E.P

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Thrash Metal

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01.  Lord Of All That Remains

02.  Mad Maze

03.  Memories

04.  Retribution

How lucky thrash metal fans have been over the last five years or so hey? I mean it seems like nearly every week there is new handful of old-school thrash releases to choose from, and it doesn’t seem to losing steam any time soon. I will say though that around seventy percent of these new so-called old school trash bands are really nothing special and it’s only a few that really stand out as something special.

This new four track disc I have been listening to from Italian thrashers MAD MAZE leaves me thinking that they may well be one of the higher echelons as time goes by. Sure four songs may not be enough to get a full feeling for what the band has so offer, but when the songs are as good as these the potential shines through very brightly. Maybe the reason I liked it so much is that they remind me a lot of my favorite thrash band of all time TESTAMENT, everything from the guitar tone, the vocals, the lyrics and the artwork have been clearly inspired by this mighty group. While people may accuse MAD MAZE of copying a formula too closely, I have to that I don’t have that problem, let’s face the facts that not one single band in the new wave of old-school thrash metal has a pinch of originality, so basically all you can look for are bands that know their stuff and grade them that way.

MAD MAZE certainly know their stuff as the guitars shred all over the place, the drums pound your head in, the bass rumbles along like a freeway truck and the vocals are delivered with perfection. What more can you ask from a thrash metal act these days? Good songs I guess, which is another thing that this four track disc has. The opener LORD OF ALL THAT REMAINS is the clear cut stand-out track here and if it heard by enough people this will be the song that gets the band where they want to go. The other three tracks are no slouches either especially MEMORIES which is as pure of a thrash metal song as you’re ever likely to hear.

If you need a quick fix shot of old-school death metal then NO TIME LEFT… is a certain cure. One of the most enjoyable bunch of thrash tunes I’ve heard so far this year and it was definitely enough to land the band on my radar. Let’s just hope a full length album isn’t too far away.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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