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Power Quest – Blood Alliance

Released By : Napalm Records

Genre : Power Metal

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01.  Battle Stations

02.  Rising Anew

03.  Glorious

04.  Sacrifice

05.  Survive

06.  Better Days

07.  Crunching The Numbers

08.  Only In My Dreams

09.  Blood Alliance

10.  City Of Lies

Man have I been waiting for this for a long time, not the album in particular per se, but more just for an album from Power Quest that I don’t have any complaints about. Their last few albums have all been pretty decent but each one has had particular faults that made them hard for me to really enjoy.

But this time around with BLOOD ALLIANCE it all seems to have clicked and I can say that this is by far their best and most complete album and more than likely one of the best power metal albums of 2011. Obviously it was a personnel issue that was holding the band back because this time around the entire stable has been re-cast with only original member Steve Williams remaining. I do wish all of the past members of this band success for their future endeavors, but I also have to admit that I am so glad about the radical clean out this group has gone through.

The main improvement here is the songwriting itself which has gone from pretty good to world class in the space of one album. If you want an idea on how much the songwriting has actually improved, go back and have another listen to their 2008 album MASTER OF ILLUSION and then come back and compare the tunes on that one to songs from the new one like BATTLE STATIONS, RISING ANEW, SACRIFICE, CRUNCHING THE NUMBERS, and heck any of the others too. I also give Steve Williams massive props for recruiting ex Civilization One front man CHITY SOMAPALA, who has a very melodic and smooth voice that just sits on the top of these tunes perfectly.

With this new album POWER QUEST have all of a sudden landed themselves right back on my radar and I am already awaiting with baited breath to see if they can come back in a couple of years and make yet another great album. Until then though, BLOOD ALLIANCE will do me quite well and I am officially recommending it to any and all power metal fans. Welcome to the upper echelon POWER QUEST, we’ve been waiting for you…

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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