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Gary John Barden – Rock ‘n Roll My Soul

Released by: Inakustik

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Rock/Classic Rock



01. Oh Well

02. I’m Just a Singer

03. Never Before

04. When A Blind Man Cries

05. Let’s Work Together

06. Why Did You Do It

07. I’m a Man

08. Stay With Me

09. Travellin’ Band

10. The Long and Winding Road

11. Zeit Macht Nur Vor Dem Teufel Halt

12. Rock ‘n’ Roll My Soul

Is good to be older rockstarts this day in age, you might think I’m crazy but if you look at the amount of bands that have resurrected their career and decided to mount comebacks in the last few years, well then you would probably agree with me. The English singer and songwriter Gary Barden is famous as a singer in the Michael Schenker Group, as well as for his collaborations with Michael Schenker himself. The recently reviewed DVD of The Michael Schenker Group proved more openly that these past rock heroes still have something left in their tanks.

Barden has had a long history in the music business dating back to the early 80’s when he was first discovered by Schenker when he heard a demo of Barden’s previous band, Fraser Nash. Gary has also realized is own solo projects and since then has released 2 other solo efforts. Now he returns with another solo studio album paying tribute to some of the music he was greatly influenced by growing up as young English lad.

This album was arranged by the talented Michael Voss and and array of guest musicians partake in this tribute record. The style of the songs he picks here reflect a vast diverse variety of different rock styles that shaped the way Gary sings and performs. Classics like the Moody Blues classic cut “I’m Just A Singer” rings true to histories time line of rock. One of my favorite Deep Purple tunes “When A Blindman Cries” is performed admirably by Barden, even though I like the version that Rob Rock did back when he was still in Axel Rudi Pell. The proverbial Stretch remake of “Why Did You Do It” is an excellent blend of funk rock that lends Barden’s strong pipes to the table, along with some killer guitar solos, courtesy of the one  Tommy Denander.

Rod Stewert is very well represented during his “Faces” days as the flavor of choice this time comes in the top 40 hit “Stay With Me”, a song which really rocks regardless of how much I don’t care about Rod myself.

The record is a nice gesture on Barden’s regard, something different and inspired. You won’t find any groundbreaking here, but if you’re a fan of Barden’s style of singing and you can appreciate some classic tunes, you should preview this record and check it out. The production is tight and thanks in part to Voss himself who does a great job mastering the overall feel of the album.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys    7/10

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