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Heavenfall – 7 Sins

Released By : Nicrothal Records

Genre : Progressive Power Metal

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01.  Origins Of A Sin

02.  Seven Sins

03.  Envy

04.  Act In Anger

05.  Gluttony

06.  Dream Of Mirrors

07.  Robin Hood

08.  Melt At Your Touch

09.  Up To The Gods

With 7 SINS, Dutch band HEAVENFALL may have just set a new precedent on just how much keyboard is acceptable on a metal album. In essence they are a progressive power metal group, but you could also call them a symphonic melodic metal band too and both descriptions would be fully acceptable. The main difference here though is the band’s penchant for using the keyboard as the predominant instrument. Sure over the last decade or so it’s slowly become more accepted that a keyboard is a good addition to the metal formula, and bands from all different sub-genres as wide as power metal, traditional heavy metal, death metal, black metal and nu-metal have successfully added this element to their sound, but the guitar has always remained the primary influx of sound.

This often over-indulgence of keyboard does work well in places and really adds a cinematic and melodic wall of sound to songs that may otherwise just sound like standard power metal fare, but at times it can feel a little like overkill and makes the product as a whole seem a little too electronic to be a natural metal album. The briefly touched on concept of the album about the seven sins is done pretty well and lyrically I have no complaints whatsoever. The vocals are for the most part excellent, but there was a few little hiccups that stood out and they are really little things that probably could have been solved in the mixing of the album but must have been missed at the time.

Highlights for me where ENVY, GLUTTONY and the interesting ROBIN HOOD, but unfortunately I have to include a lowlight too in ACT IN ANGER, which for me really isn’t a metal song and doesn’t belong on this album. HEAVENFALL are definitely a band with some potential, and if you take their songwriting skills into account you can see what they were attempting here, but the simple fact is that the over use of keyboards makes this a metal album with not really any metal on it, which is sure to confuse and frustrate others like me that can hear the potential that is sitting under all that electronic stuff. I know I’m not the only one who has been saying that the keyboard is too prominent, so my only hope is that the band take it on the chin and turn the guitars up and make them a more prominent force for their next album.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 6/10

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