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Steel Tormentor – Return Of A King

Released By : Nephin Records

Genre : Traditional Heavy Metal

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01.  Ghost Of Avalon

02.  Evil Coming

03.  Armageddon

04.  Warrior

05.  Soul Stealer

06.  Into The Black

07.  Return Of A King

08.  Warrior (Single Edit)

After my tenth or so listen through this new album from STEEL TORMENTOR I feel I should just remind everybody just how lucky we are in this modern age to have bands like this around. While all of us metal heads obviously enjoy a wide range of different types of metal, there’s still nothing better than hearing an album that is molded around the metal ideals of yesteryear, and when it’s done as well as this it’s a very humbling experience.

STEEL TORMENTOR follow on where bands like IRON MAIDEN, DIO, JUDAS PRIEST and many others left their mark at the beginnings of the new wave of metal back in the day, and while a lot of bands have tried to do a similar thing, not very many of them have the finesse and obvious love for their subject matter as what STEEL TORMENTOR does. The band’s previous release, which dates back to 2004 was a bit of an underground cult favorite, but honestly it wasn’t that great. Sure it showed a band that had some potential, but as an overall product was never going to move mountains. The time in between albums seems to have been a blessing for the band though as they have instantly gone from a band with some potential, to a powerhouse traditional metal band and out of nowhere have released one of the most significant albums in the genre for years.

The pure stand out track on offer here is the mighty WARRIOR (which is also added onto the end of album a second time as a single edit), but don’t dismiss the power of some of the other tunes like EVIL COMING and SOUL STEALER, both of which take me back to another place in time every time I listen to them. There is a couple of really minor vocal indiscretions on a couple of songs, but if that’s the only complaint I can find with a complete album then we are obviously heading in the right direction.

Any fan of traditional heavy metal, NWOBHM or even epic power metal owes it to themselves to check this album out, it’s one of the better examples of the genre in quite some time and shows a band that is purely dedicated to the real metal cause. I already can’t wait to see what they do next, let’s just hope it doesn’t take as long next time around.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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