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Larry Carlton Steve Lukather Band – The Paris Concert DVD Review

Released by: Inakustik

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Blues Rock

Links: http://mvdb2b.com

Line Up:

Bass – Chris Kent

Drums – Gary Ferguson

Electric Guitar – Larry Carlton , Steve Lukather

Keyboards – Rick Jackson

Producer – Daniel Farhi

Recorded By – New Morning Vision

Vocals – Steve Lukather (tracks: 4)


1. The Pump

2. Blues Force

3. It Was Only Yesterday

4. Red House

5. Don’t Give Up

6. Room 335

7. Put It Where You Want It

I must preface before I go on in detail why we choose what we choose to review when it comes to live DVD reviews. I don’t have a formula for what we review, I feel that audio as well as visually speaking you can get a more then true representation of the artists style and persona they portray on stage and studio. This is why when you have a group of musicians or musician that can absolutely bring it live I get a sense of satisfaction when I see it or hear it, something about the live experience that just never dies. So with that in mind I pick a few DVD concert reviews and they are a select few because there’s so many we have and have heard over the years and we bring em to you to see if you like to check them out. They don’t have to new and can be older titles as well. Hence we have the 2001 performance of two great guitar man of their time, the legendary Larry Carlton and former Toto charismatic axeman Steve Lukather.

Carlton has lend his talents on recordings for Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, The Four Tops, Christopher Cross, Barbra Streisand, the Partridge Family, and Charly García’s Clics Modernos amongst many more. And Lukather is today considered one of the best guitar players around not only with his time with Toto, but as an iconic session musician in California when he first started out. The series of New Morning Paris Concerts already has brought titles from the likes of John Scofield, Robben Ford, Living Colour amongst many other notables.

This particular night the more classy jazz rock guitar style of Carlton we’re on stage with the more aggressive crunching pentatonics attack on stage. This ultra invigorating jazz rock session kicks right off with Luke strumming his trademark Signature Ernie Ball MusicMan guitar.

There’s no denying the influence that Carlton has had on Lukather, even to this day Steve still jams up former songs from one of his guitar mentors in Carlton when he goes around the country doing guitar clinics. The show opens up with the jam bombardment of “Red Pump” a Tony Hymas/Simon Phillips tune that is on Jeff Beck’s “There and Back” album. Later leading way to the beautifully played piano opening of “Blues Force” from his days with Fourplay with both Carlton and Luke blowing the place apart with passion and precision. The unique style of Carlton is that it feels like his guitar tone is like a thinking man’s jazz player but he defines his sound so true when he belts out those bluesy solos without being flashy. Wanna hear Luke killing the hell out of the whammy bar? Listen to the classic Hendrix cut remake of “Red House”, of course that song has been covered so many times live but every time I hear a guitar hero playing it I wanna grab my Fender and pretend  I can play.

The reunion of two great guitar players plays out like any fan of guitar playing guitar playing in general would of dreamed. With great chemistry which these two have on stage, their intricacies in variety as well as contrasts in styles is something that derives from years of playing and just playing talent. In terms of production you may wondering why I’m reviewing this particular DVD since it came out in 2005, well the blue ray release just came out and for those wondering about quality, no need because is sharp crystal clear both audio DTS 5.1 and visual production, the mixing is pristine and the camera work although a bit sporadic is tastefully edited (my review is based on the DVD not the blue ray). The end result is a night culmination of blues and rock retrospect that reflects how much of their talent can be bundle together to form one memorable experience.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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