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Red Rose – Live The Life You’ve Imagined

Released by : Independent Release

Release Date: ???

Genre: Melodic Metal


Line Up:

Leve Laiter – vocals

Elnur Aliev – guitars

Deion Kristen – keyboards

Eli Reeve – bass

Sam Davidoff – session drums


1. Turn Back The Time

2. Name On The Stone

3. The Last Drop

4. Gone With The Sunrise

5. Live The Life You’ve Imagined

6. Dreamer

7. Tough To Love

8. When The Sun Goes Down

The musical project aptly titled Red Rose, is composed of a few musicians from different musical backgrounds as well as nationalities including from Israel. I actually ran into this band back one day when I was straggling around the mostly forgotten Myspace world and remember seeing that their unique blend of style and different nationalities was working on an upcoming record with Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studios,of course Tommy has worked with the likes of Helloween, Pagan’s Mind, Jorn Lande and Maticora to name a few.

The style that the band features is melodic metal in the European vein. The band itself is very new they started only last year and as we speak are currently looking for a big label deal.

These guys at first glance may not seem like much, but as they put it “ambitious bunch of fellows trying to write some good music and make a living out of it”. This is a good start now since we recently received the promo songs like “The Last Drop” with a nice backbone riff takes aim at a more melodic metal approach. Any metal band knows that you have to have a good skill guitar player, the featured axeman here is Elnur Aliev and the man can shred to some liking on some of these promo tracks. More tasty chops scream loudly on the track “Gone With The Sunrise”. Most of the remanding songs flow with the same melodic flavor as the top part of the order, flashes of the more progressive Stratovarius days shine through in instances. I have to nitpick on one thing though, the annoying audio voice over promo is something I hate, it kind of takes away from the full listening experience, but I can understand the band trying to protect their music at the same time.

Potential is the real topic discussion point here, as this outfit does posses some powerful rhythm section and they features a very good guitar player with a complimentary lead singer that sounds a bit like Klaus Meine in places. I just worried that this style of music is so clustered around Europe and other places that is hard to break ground. I did dug the more laid back progressive parts, something maybe the band would like to explore more of. Red Rose is a band to watch out for as they keep on writing new material for hopes to release another record, in the meantime the music is out and will spread some parts unknown before and uncharted territory, in hopes to gaining more attention.  Check em out.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   6/10

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