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Paul Young – Chronicles

Released by: Escape Music

Release Date: March 25th, 2011

Genre: Rock/Pop


Line Up:


Mike Rutherford (Mike & The Mechanics)

Graham Gouldman (10cc)

Eric Stewart (10cc)

Martin Kronlund (Salute / Gypsy Rose)

Victor Emerson (Sade Café),

Michael byron Hehir,


Ian Wilson (Sade Café)

Paul Carrack (Mike & The Mechanics)

Eric Stewart (10cc)

Alistair Gordon (Radio Silence)

Victor Emerson, Steve Pigott, Per Aronson,


Des Tong (Sade Cafe), Graham Gouldman (10cc), Martin Kronlund (Salute / Gypsy Rose)

Drums: Dave Irving (Sade Café)

Backing Vocals: Alistair Gordon, Carl Davis, Ian Wilson, Steve Butler, Sue Quin, Mark Menzies, Graham Gouldman




01 House of many nations

02 Your shoes

03 Grace of God (duet with Paul Carack)

04 Loss of innocence

05 Frozen Heart

06 Two wrongs

07 Water now the seed

08 Here comes the future

09 Everything

10 One heart

11 We did nothing wrong

12 I’m in heaven again

13 Everyday Hurts Recorded Live with Mike and The Mechanics (bonus track with first pressing only)

I knew of Young the musicianship himself, but as far as his music I have to say I needed to do some back catalog listening before jumping into this new venture record titled “Chronicles”. The native of Manchester England, Paul got into the scene as early as 1962 when he formed his first group “Johnny Dark & the Midnights”. “The early 1970’s saw Paul as a solo artist signed to CBS records, before teaming up with Ian Wilson from “GREASY BEAR” to form “GYRO” a popular local rock band on Manchester’s buzzing live music scene” .  But perhaps his most memorable pieces are from his days with Sad Cafe. Paul also went on to join Mike Rutherford (Genesis), and become a full time member of “MIKE & THE MECHANICS” in 1985.

This is a  very special record because the timely death of a great singer which has left behind some memorable music helped bring to the forefront now by fellow friend musicians that worked with him and knew him very well. Some of those guest musicians are people like Mike Rutherford (Mike & The Mechanics), Ian Wilson (Sade Café), and Eric Stewart (10cc) amongst many others.

The first thing you realize here is the songwriting is extremely well done, we know these recordings were a retrospect of Paul’s career, but whoa nelly the lyrics are superb. On songs like “Grace of God” and “Everything” you hear the experience of one momentous musician, with one outstanding voice leading the way. The modern and edgier vibe of “Here Comes The Future” features some nice arrangements unlike I have ever heard before, something ever progressive for the time when it was made. The more mainstream number “We Did Nothing Wrong” displays a likable atmosphere in it’s rejoiced attitude undertones, featuring a nice sax solo per good measure. The delightful soulful bliss of “I’m In Heaven Again” conjures a feeling of nostalgia as you feel as you are listening to a time-line of young’s life.

I was really blown away by the quality of material on this exemplary release, of course these are some songs that Paul had been working on before he past away and years later recovered from his home studio, but the thoughtfulness of the people involved in this project to bring it to life is something to admire. “Chronicles’ is a celebration of his life that are carefully acclimated for a special laid back listening experience. A real surprise this early year and one which fans of Young will enjoy, glad to see Escape music compile and finally release these new never before unheard songs from a great musician.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  9 /10

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  1. A brilliant album from one of the best voices to come out of Manchester. Special Fanx to all the guys who made this album possible.


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