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Vicious Rumors – Razorback Killers

Released by : SPV/Steamhammer

Release Date: April 5th, 2011

Genre: Power Metal/Trash Metal


Line Up:

Brian Allen – vocals

Geoff Thorpe – guitars

Kiyoshi Morgan – guitars

Stephen Goodwin – bass

Larry Howe – drums


01 Murderball

02 Black

03 Razorback Blade

04 Blood Stained Sunday

05 Pearl Of Wisdom

06 All I Want Is You

07 Axe To Grind

08 Let The Garden Burn

09 Rite Of Devastation

10 Deal With The Devil

Is hard to imagine life without certain things we love you know things like food we love to eat, customs and habits we do because is second nature. I like to compare those things to music in particular especially for a band that has been a realization since 1979. Remember that kids, a long time ago now the band we know as Vicious Rumors has been drilling metal holes and plowing metal heads brains in. The one consistent member of the band has been the groups leader at its core, the founder and guitar player Geoff Thorpe.

Through it’s countless line up changes and various war and conflicts that any band goes through, the dream of metal bashing still remains true. And now after some 30 years they keep on pushing forward with what is now the band’s 10th studio album. A bands longevity can be often called into question leading to impact their performance. You can’t ever say that about Vicious, their raw live intensity and pure slab of metal assault on stage is legendary and something that has spiraled the band into cult status in the underground metal scene.

The interesting melodies and shift in rhythms have always been something that made the band stand out on their own and on this new upcoming album the formula keeps ticking like an old school clock who just refuses to die. Armed with lead singer  Brian Allen they found a pure raw and capable vocalist that fits the mold of the band like butter.

As we listen to the first spins of the album you will quickly notice the impact of tracks like “Black” and “Razorback Blade”, both have a nasty cerebral riff that will knock your head cold from all that thrash momentum tilt. The darker crunch effect of “Pearl of Wisdom” chimes proudly with an almost anthem like pretension. One of the most ear pleasing songs on the record has to be the dual twin guitar attack of “All I Want Is You”, which features a tight chorus and mind blabbering torch on drums.

When you put into perspective some of these type of bands that are still alive and kicking, you have to realize that many are far gone and have moved on, but Thorpe and company refuse to give in because they have something to offer to the metal world. The in your face raw power of the band still grabs you and will forever be linked to other American greats the likes of Crimson Glory, Agent Steel, Lizzy Borden, Manowar, early-era Fates Warning. On Razorback Killers you won’t have to dig deep to find any other meaning then the music itself. Is purging, is hardcore and it still carries the American metal torch as if it was the Bay Area Thrash metal movement all over again. Like fine wine it gets better with age and the same can be said about Vicious Rumors. Recommended!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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