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Coogans Bluff – Magic Bubbles

Released By :  World In Sound Records

Genre : Classic Rock, Stoner Rock

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01.  Hang ‘Em High

02.  Marshall Law

03.  Infinity

04.  What’s Left

05.  The Information

06.  Boogie

07.  Magic Bubbles

08.  What’s The Deal

09.  Miami Beach Tonight

10.  Ready For Love/Afterlights

11.  I Believe

Coogans Bluff are a classic rock inspired band from Denmark who play a pretty unique blend of classic rock, stoner rock and indie rock. They also have elements usually found in jam bands of the seventies and draw slight comparisons to bands like Cream, Free and Golden Earring, but also tip their hat to more modern stoner bands like Monster Magnet and Kyuss.

Unfortunately though, the album as a whole doesn’t quite live up to what you might expect given the above mentioned influences. Don’t get me wrong, there is some pretty good stuff here with tunes like MARSHALL LAW, BOOGIE and WHAT’S THE DEAL showing the band is more than capable of mimicking the style and sound of the classic rock era but I’m not the biggest fan of the vocals. This is more of a personal preference issue rather than a detriment to the album though as the vocalist can definitely sing well, I just couldn’t gel to his vocal style which has more in common with modern day indie rock than that of the amazing voices of the seventies rock era. A perfect example of this is the band’s cover of the BAD CO. tune READY FOR LOVE, where the musical side of things is excellent but the vocals don’t really fit.

I would still certainly be willing to recommend the band to lovers of seventies rock and those who years for the days where jam bands and Hammond organs ruled the airwaves, but personally I just can’t look past the oddly matched vocals enough to really enjoy it as much as I would like to. I will give special props to the band though for their overall presentation of MAGIC BUBBLES with its faded polaroid photo inspires cover artwork and booklet to the obviously analogue recording methods they really have done a good job at capturing an era.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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