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Protest The Hero – Scurrilous

Released By :  Vagrant Records

Genre : Alternative Progressive Metal

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01.  C’est La vie

02.  Hair-Trigger

03.  Tandem

04.  Moonlight

05.  Tapestry

06.  Dunsel

07.  The Reign Of Unending Terror

08.  Termites

09.  Tongue-Splitter

10.  Sex Tape

It’s amazing just how fanatical fans of PROTEST THE HERO have become in their short tenure so far, and I must admit that I pretty much see why they are so mad about the band and have slowly been leaning toward the ridiculously fanatical myself since their last release FORTRESS back in 2008. While that album showed what is possible in the modern world of mathcore and progressive metalcore, nothing could have prepared me for how much this new album would just blow me away. Yes there is still some break-down sections and the occasional metalcore scream, but the fact is that the album transcends everything the entire ‘core blanket genre has ever offered up.

The band have done away with a lot of the ‘core inspired elements that originally made up their sound and have replaced them with their own unique take on modern progressive alternative music that draws just as much influence from bands like SYSTEM OF A DOWN and ALIEN ANT FARM as it does math metal and modern radio rock. If you have read at least a handful of different reviews about the new album SCURRILOUS, you would have probably noticed that each reviewer has tried their best to explain the sound of it, but truthfully this is one of the hardest albums to properly describe and the simplest thing to say really is that it is just amazing and should be listened to be anybody with any sort of interest in modern rock & metal music.

The varied and interesting voice of frontman Rody Walker jumps maddeningly between Mike Patton, Serj Tankian and Dryden Mitchell while cleverly never sounding like an imitation of any of them. The band themselves also deserve a mention as there is really amazing songwriting on offer here and some of these tunes are possibly the most relevant modern tunes in the metal world.

I could go on all day about the fact that every tune on the album has the makings of a highlight, but there is two tunes that really keep me coming back time and again, the fact that they are tow opening songs is probably no coincidence. C’EST LA VIE is just three and a half minutes of pure madness and if this tune doesn’t get you excited I would be very surprised, but the fact that it is followed by a brilliant piece of music in HAIR-TRIGGER really sends the album to amazing heights early. MOONLIGHT and TERMITES also both get close to matching the intensity of the opening tracks and in reality all four of them should be heard by the entire metal world.

The fact that PROTEST THE HERO have been at times attached to the metalcore landscape has meant a lot of people never bothered to check them out, but I urge anybody with any sort of interest in modern heavy music or progressive music in general to at least give it a fair listen, there really is a gem here and surely one of the most exciting metal releases on the 2011 schedule.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 10/10

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