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The Sovran – No Song For A Non-Generation

Released by: Logicillogic Records

Release Date: March 4th, 2011

Genre: Sleaze/Hard Rock/Punk


Line Up:

Captain T –  Vocals

Uncle Frank – Guitars

Simon – Bass

Sgt. Lsd – Drums


01. Revolution #10

02. Under The Flash

03. Detonation

04. Machine

05. Looking For

06. Hell Yeah!

07. One Million Horses

08. Rock’n’Roll Robber

09. Generation

10. The Sovran Is Dead

11. Europa

You may we wondering what the hell is a Sovran? Well funny you should you ask because I asked the same question and I couldn’t find an ounce of info on why these Italians Hard Rock outfit decided to name themselves this. In 1998 the groups inception was imagined and since then the band has remained in the underground of the Italian Metal scene managing to share the stage with other local bands as well as landing a spot on the Total Metal Festival in 2007.

The style the band introduces is a mix of all influential overall with a little of death and roll ala latter day Sentenced, some new modern wave Punk and Roll mixed with a little bit of Motorhead. Sounds like a sick twisted of energy all clammed into one high explosion eruption…..yes you’re right these guys have energy to burn in the thousands.

On the piston inciter tune “Machine” you hear a little of what their style sustains, with a speedy faster riff leading the way cross mixed with a post wave punk transgression. What’s even more surprising is the lead singer Captain T versatility on songs like “Looking For” which has a more calm groove rhythm as opposed to the frenetic pace of the opening tracks. The gusto likings of the structure musically keeps on smashing forward on the short and sweet cut “One Million Horses”.

I haven’t started to get into the band members names, with  names like Captain T and Sgt LSD is hard to take these guys seriously…but then again it shows the band just goes out there and has fun so to his…his own.  The band having been recently signed to Logicillogic Records delivers a pretty high rolling album that takes best of all the genres we talked about before including a proverbial almost eerily reminiscence of some older Turbonegro material. The term runaway and generation x comes to mind after digesting this interesting record. Give em shot I would…

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys    7/10

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