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Various Artists – War Horses! Angel Air Rocks!

Released By : Angel Air Records

Genre : Classic Rock, Hard Rock, AOR, Melodic Rock, Progressive Rock

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01.  Bullet – Door Opens

02.  Gerry McAvoy – Misunderstood

03.  Stray – Harry Farr

04.  Nobody’s Business – Bleed Me Dry

05.  Notorious – Radio Silence

06.  David Byron Band – Rebecca

07.  Fandango – Candice Larene

08.  Freedom – Going Down

09.  Oliver Dawson Saxon – 747(Strangers In The Night)

10.  Heavy Metal Kids – Hit The Right Button (Make The Elevator Stop)

11.  Damage Control – Savage Song

12.  Quartermass II – Prayer For The Dying

13.  Krokus – Blood Comes Easy

14.  Robin George – Judy

15.  Maggie Bell – Wishing Well

16.  McCoy – Oh Well (Single Version)

17.  Gillan – M.A.D (Mutually Assured Destruction)

18.  British Lions – My Life’s In Your Hands

19.  Bullet – Door Slams

Anybody that has read my reviews on a regular basis would have probably noticed that I’ve always been a big supporter of U.K based record label ANGEL AIR RECORDS. Surely they are one of the modern days best re-issue labels and the fact that they specialize in rare classic albums from some of the U.K’s most respected bands and also occasionally release new albums from some of the unsung heroes of yesteryear makes them an exciting prospect. In the past they have released a few other compilation type releases, each of them being tied to a certain style, with one being purely prog rock based and another dedicated to psychedelic bands of the late sixties to early seventies. But this time around with WAR HORSES! They have focused more on the pure classic rock side of things and the nineteen songs on offer give you a great idea on what bands you can find on the Angel Air roster.

With inclusions from ex-Rory Gallagher bassist and now successful solo artist Gerry McAvoy, NOBODY’S BUSINESS who featured ex-PROCAL HARUM vocalist Bobby Harrison, The Robin George/Sean Harris collaboration NOTORIOUS, ex-URIAH HEEP founding member David Byron, DAMAGE CONTROL which features ex-UFO member and all-round industry nice guy Pete Way, BRITISH LIONS, KROKUS and many more there is plenty here for classic rock fans to digest. The fact that the booklet has a little bit of info on each song and the band it belongs to makes for a great overall package that a great little collectible.

If you are interested to hear what sort of stuff ANGEL AIR RECORDS is releasing this is an excellent introduction to some of the best artists on their roster. It will mainly be used as a promotional tool I guess, but it really does make for a great album to sit down with and have a few drinks while reading about some bands that you should know about.

Written By : ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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