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Enbound – And She Says Gold

Released by: Inner Wound Recordings

Release Date: April 29th, 2011

Genre: Melodic Metal



Line Up:

Marvin Flowberg – Guitar

Mike Cameron Force – Drums

Lee Hunter- Vocals

Swede – Bass


01. Combined The Souls

02. Descending

03. Noiseless Bullet

04. Squeals Of War

05. Frozen To Be Feat. LaGaylia Frazier

06. Under A Spell

07. Untitled X

08. I Am Lost To You

09. Shifting Gears

10. Love Has Come

11. The Broken Heart

12. Running Free

13. Me And Desire

14. Beat It [European CD bonus track]

Another one of these new melodic metal bands to attack the scene, this time the name of the group is Enbound and Inner Wound’s next album release from this band is titled “And She Says Gold”.  Enbound was formed in 2006 by Mike Cameron Force, who previously had played with bands like Zonata and Poem, and also worked as a producer for Axenstar, Draconian among others. I now the over hyped machine often plays can diverge attention from a CD, bring down the actual musical experience but, in this case that doesn’t happen.

The strong vocals of Lee Hunter lead the way in much of the record as he gently presses his vocal pipes through high rising chorus after chorus. On the press release it stated that Lee was mostly known for his work with the band “Work of Art”? At first I couldn’t trace but but his real name is actually Lars Säfsund from the Swedish AOR group Work of Art. Pretty excited about that because the man is a terrific vocalist as I mentioned already.

The beautiful arrangements provided by this tight niche in the band lead the ears to digest such killer cuts as the opening track “Combined The Souls” and the almost Symphony X anthem like of “Noiseless  Bullet”. The classy tune of “Frozen To Be” has a duet with singer LaGaylia Frazier and bring a sense of a lucid dream with touching embellishments and reminds me a bit of some of Kamelot ballads, very cool track. What could be the bands single “Under A Spell” storms through it’s rampage an enters the fold as one of the faster and more brutal tracks on “Gold”.  If you needed to reassure yourself about Lee’s powerful voice, just listen to “Love Has Come” but be careful it may cracks some windows with his amazing high pitch shriek. Ohh My this dude can sing.

A well produced record and also mastered by Björn Engelmann [Rammstein, Primal Fear, Sonata Arctica]. The album  took a span of 4 years to finish in its entirety due to the fact the band was having some difficultly finding a capable singer. Needless to say I think they found one. An interesting escape for Lee as some bands of his other band may not ever have heard him in this aggressive form, he pulls it off well regardless. The band’s sound overall is a mix of some early Sonata Arctica (with less frenetic) riff wankery,  with more melodic metal bands like Excalion or Dawnless for those Swedish metal freaks out there. In a complete metal experience with 14 tracks some may wonder if it’s too long but with the high quality of material here is easy to digest this one fully. Approved,  seal and shipped. Very well recommended here!!!.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys    9/10

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