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Broken Melody – Mirroring Identities

Released By : Copro Records

Genre : Progressive Metal

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01.  The Beast Within

02.  The Love Of Innocence

03.  I live Again

04.  A Question To Your Heart

05.  Breaking The Chains

06.  Dreaming Of A New World

07.  Return Denied

08.  Dark & Light

09.  The Life Of A Night

10.  Until The End

The biggest downside of being a music reviewer is that you end up eventually building up a wall around you with all of the awesome stuff you get to hear and it really makes it hard sometimes to fairly critique stuff that’s not so good. However, I always try and be as fair as possible, but this was very difficult when trying to work out a fair rating for this album from Italian progressive metal act BROKEN MELODY.

The actual music on the album is pretty good and the occasional virtuosic moments are welcomed and earnest, the production could have been a bit better but is still good enough to get an acceptable pass mark, the songwriting itself is pretty good if not a little basic for a progressive band, but on top of all of that we have some very ordinary vocals. Now I’m not out to offend anybody here but man this singer needs to do a lot of work if he seriously wants to front a successful band. His very strong Italian accent is certainly a part of the problem and I’m sure you’ll agree that all of the bands that successfully break out of Italy are the ones that have vocalists without strong accents and a good ability to sing in a way that is very understandable. But unfortunately it’s not just the accent here, it’s also a number of tonal and pitch problems which make me think that maybe this vocalist is either tone deaf or he’s not actually serious about being a musician.

A few songs do show a band with some potential like I LIVE AGAIN, BREAKING THE CHAINS and DARK & LIGHT, but would really need to be re-recorded with a better singer to really have a chance of some sort of impact. There is a quote on the bands myspace page saying that a certain website had given this album a rating of nine out of ten… Now either this particular person is friends with the bands or he is clearly hearing something that I am not, but I can’t in all fairness give this album a good rating as the vocals here make it pretty much unlistenable.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 5/10

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