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Left Hand Path – Time To Die!

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Death Metal

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01.  Birthless Grave

02.  Diary Of An Unborn Child

03.  Suicide Of Mankind

This little self-produced three track E.P comes with a warning about the fact that it was made with a mega-tight budget and is meant to be old-school underground dirty death metal. Luckily for me I already knew all of this before I received the promotional material from my earlier discussions with the band. Had I not been aware of this I might have been shocked enough to not even bother reviewing it.

The simple fact is that yes, compared to most of today’s death metal music this disc is actually pretty shitty. The band already know this so it’s not like I stand to offend anybody by saying it. The production is very weak and true to their word it does sound like an old-school cassette demo that was recoded with one microphone in the middle of a rehearsal room like the way bands did it before modern day technology was available. Musically it’s very messy and dirty with guitars that struggle to stay in time and drums that miss beats each minute or so. The vocals are pretty decent as long as you like the real underground death metal sound.

I can see that fans of underground death metal will enjoy this purely for how totally uncommercial it is and just how hard to find it will become in the near future. Based on this fact alone I would be happy to say that the demo is a bit of a success. But my job entails comparing everything with the best music of certain genres and when I do that there is no way I could fairly give these guys a good rating as it would demean al of the hard work and money that other bands spend on getting their stuff right and out to the masses.

This is one for real underground death metal fans only, and definitely one to avoid if you like any sort of cohesion in your music and any sort of quality in your production. The good thing is that the band aren’t expecting any good reviews for this demo, which is lucky because they won’t get one, but hopefully they do intend to improve skill wise and spend some real money on recording because I really feel as though as the moment they would be catering to a very, very tiny market.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 5/10

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